UNBOXING the latest additions !

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I’m sure most of you can make out what’s inside as long back I had shared a glimpse of it on my face book page here and now finally I have this in my hands. The wait is over and trust me this is the most exciting haul of 2015 as everything came super quick …

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Makeup Look with Current Favorites !

I’m clearly obsessed with this combination – Berry Lips, Grey eyes and a pop of Blue on lower waterline and use this quite often in different combinations. Here is the recent one I did with DIOR Mono eyeshadow which I shared in my haul post here, it is the best thing happened to me – …

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A small Haul !

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This is possibly the most exciting week of 2015 , just in terms of makeup so leave aside anything else .My 3 packages from US are on their way and am super excited , 1 I picked yesterday and 2 more pretty soon . More on that next week, first here is what I got …

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Current Storage – PART I

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I’m not organization freak but love to keep my things neat and with this habit of mine I had so many fights with my friends. They think am snob and very possessive, what more, even my mom thinks am crazy. A while ago I organized my things colour coded but it was looking so odd, different …

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