5 Ways Women Can Take Care of Themselves

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Modern women are not confined to a single role. They are proving to be winners on all fronts, be it satisfying personal responsibilities or professional commitments. But one aspect of life that they regularly neglect is health. Although most women are aware of the benefits of self-care and grooming, they often ignore these things. But …

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5 Must Haves for A Glamorous Summer Wedding Look

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Summer has finally dawned upon us and that means wedding season is officially in full swing. If you’re a summer or early fall bride, you likely have an eye out for the hottest bridal trends that are gracing aisles across the country. Any bridal look is incomplete without traditional jewelry. With the rising temperatures, brides …

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A New Year Laundry for a NEW YOU !


5 tips to have the happiest 2017   After long hours of contemplation and evaluation if the year 2016 thrived to give us happiness–finally we are at 2017 now! And it’s first week already time that we bring about some optimistic changes to our lives.   Weather our destiny changes with the new year or …

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Makeup Look : Drugstore Edition

I was planning to do this for a long time – incorporate drugstore makeup and share a look, I’m not against any brand or any product but my simple rule is…. Spend less but buy good quality and that doesn’t mean a hefty price tag . Trust me you , even my clients ask me …

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Makeup look – Welcoming fall

lorac pro palette

I have been posting some very vampy shades of lipsticks with no makeup on my IG page and FACEBOOK Page here and wanted to make a comeback with those posts but again this chaos of new law and stress of holidays getting over … something or the other kept me occupied and hence am posting a look …

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