MAC’s PAINTS POT – my personal favourites

MAC's PAINT POTS - the ultimate must have

Are you building up your eyeshadow collection ? and are you facing the problem of your eyeshadows not showing the true colors despite being higher end brands ? pls dont curse your eyeshadow darlings it is the base which is actual culprit… so looking for solution darlings …

and here comes MAC’s PIANT POTS for your rescue …..

when i was building my MAC’s brigade i wasnt able to decide whether should i buy a paint pot a small glass thing
what would it do or what major concern its going to solve … then once i was at MAC and i was allowed to purchase 2 items (that is how i everytime go to MAC decide from home ACTUALLY)
i bought one mineralize eyeshadow and then i was thinkng what to buy what to buy ?? this MUA used painterely as base and i asked her tell me is it necessary ??? she said if u want it in long run go for this if you are satisfied with the look of colors u r getting without it dont buy …SHE WAS HONEST… i said no actually now i am looking my best pls pack one for me , so ended up buying my FIRST PAINT POT …

painterely paint pot by MAC

but then came the real story i googled and saw some good reviews for other paint pots too so again i went to other MAC and tried INDIANWOOD and it was so gorgeous i ended up buying that as well ( i had to yaar coz i am indian and being that time in USA i was little bit patriotic)
INDIANWOOD is a beutiful bronze mettalic color ,
few tricks i do with it –
apply all over the lid and cranberry e/s in crease OR
apply all over the lid and carbon on crease OR
and def i can use it as a base with my woodwinked e/s they compliment each other
and soo many more just have to be creative

indianwood by MAC

i was by far happy with that BUT

i again googled and saw some really good reviews about RUBENSQUE , some were saying if you wanna own only one go for this so i cheated my other two paint pots and bought my 3rd puppy home and now its NO 1 in my list…
it always happens with me ???
its beautiful gold color with hint of peach and so workable with most of the eyeshadows…
i use it with my melon pigment , its damn tempting
apply all over lid and then some expensive pink or bronze e/s to work with
its universal color and most flatering on indian skin tone

RUBENSQUE by MAC - the color .... mwah

MAC’S PAINT POTS comes in nearly 8 shades ,
its ultra creamy and blends smoothly without being cakey at all , gives your eyeshadow a good base
and colors pops up with this being underneath , i seriouslly dont have any bad words for these so definatelly no cons from my side

here are swatches for the ones i have

top - rubensque , middle indianwood and bottom painterely by MAC

i am NC 35 so when i decided to buy my only PAINT POT i bought PAINTERLY coz it was near match to my skin tone
now i have 3 paint pots and i am satisfied as of now ( I HOPE SO)
actually YES

PRICE – 1150 /- INR

I RATE IT – atleast buy one i know you would end up buying 2 – 3 like me …

AND yes do look for pigments tomm ….

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  1. Poornima says:

    Like you said, I always used to think..why a paintpot?? Now you have really convinced me to go for 1…oops no..3 Paintpots. Just waiting for my current project to get over so that I have some moolah to indulge..LOL

  2. Radhika says: your stories behind every purchase. I liked Indianwood the most. I hope you don’t hate me after this – but I don’t own a single MAC item. I think when I start, I will start with Indianwood.

  3. rashmi says:

    hahah no ways u dont know how much i love reading ur comments and it really does means a lot to me rads …

    yeah indianwood is too good …

  4. HD says:

    OC…there is no doubt on the quality…It is def a high end brand and u get the quality also but so is the price…when u compare with other brands…OC the quality wud also vary..its upto you how much u want to spend on wht….

  5. rashmi says:

    i know HD u r right coz me myself is not very comfertable with the thought of spending on CHANEL … i never ever went to their counter can u imagine… didnt even swatched hahahah i still cannot think of buying a 1800/- lipstick … it might be good quality but again the price is too high for that …

  6. Radhika says:

    I don’t know about lipsticks, but MAC eyeshadows are amazing. I don’t use any so I really am not qualified to comment, but they seem to have sooo many colours and these finishes like matt and shimmer…is like a whole world out there 🙂

  7. HD says:

    Ohh I am totally in love with MAC e/s…I think i will def like to own atleast 1 each of each MAC product..if not more..hehe..but the thing is when wud I be ready for it 🙂 I have almost made up my mind for the mineralise powder…waiting for Rati’s review on that…

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