MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – A Review

i have to admit , i am such a crazy MACaddict that i buy stuff which i would hardly use or which is not even required for me now .. and one such stuff is MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural , i always says it is a crazy stuff which can be easily passed but then again i am mad and so i bought this stuff without even giving second thoughts , why am i criticizing it?? coz the fact is i do love this one to a good extent but if i see was it a must or lust ?? i would say a lust… don’t look at me and hate me for writing this but this seriously is a craziest stuff i have purchased in recent times considering my skin types OKAY … now u r relieved ( HD i am talking to you )

enough bad words for a nice stuff pls i am sorry but that was my story , i tell you the reasons why you should love this one and give it a try … please add your personal experience at the endΒ  , might be helpful for others…

if you are looking for light to medium coverage without looking or feeling heavy on your face its good

if you want to set your liquid foundation with a TWIST try this one , its pretty well works with that , soaks all the oils or say to decent extent

if your foundation is matte use this over that for that slight shine which mineralize quality of this one gives

most of the mineralize stuff cause breaks out ( happened to me with EDM’s ) but this one not ( mac has some special formula trust me , i got a mail from them πŸ™‚ )

if you are not a foundation person like me , use this over your moisturizer or TM’s and you are good to go , feels very light unlike some other powder stuff

this is one is smoothest and softest powder product i have come across which when applied doesn’t show up any cakiness and fine lines

darker colors can be used to conture your face (Β GAEA Β this pointΒ is stolen from you πŸ™ )

i love it for all the above reasons but now i tell you why i would not recommend you for the bad reasons here

if you have super super oily skin don’t come near this m it is a mineralize stuff so it might not work well with you super oily skin instead buy a MAC Blot Powder

if you have acne prone or sensitive skin don’t ever bother to try this

if you want heavy covergage with just powder stuff .. NO this is not for you

i have it in medium plus and a friend of mine was matched medium dark and to tell you she is quite fair compared to me , so this is the most confusing part , do double check on that

how to use it??? i use it with my kabuki brush in circular motions , but it can be used withΒ  a synthetic foundation brush which is easy to apply near nose and eyes ares , can be used wet … just spray some water on your brush and apply it to your face , i have never done that nor i am planning to , it doesn’t come with a applicator and mirror which i think is a biggest disappointment i had


love it on me coz i am a very lazy person so always wants something handy , it fits in the bill when i am in hurry just this over my moisturizer and concealer and i am all set ….

Β Price – 1400/- INR is okay coz it will last you long time , there is 10 gms of a product which is going to last you long unless you don’t have any mishap and break this … its very delicate BTW

My Take – i am still confused how much i like this one , but for sure i am not going to buy it again , depends if somehow MAC is giving itΒ me for FREE , Β i will accept otherwise i don’t like to SPEND … yeah seriously i don’t spend much πŸ™‚



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  1. gaeaborn says:

    Hey Rash! finally one of the other rave products you bought! πŸ™‚
    Are you sure you are a medium plus?! :o) and you are saying a friend fairer than you has medium dark! OMG! And me and Rati checked for it here in MAC and i had wanted the medium for me and am sure you are either the same or lighter than me! as u said, this is sooo confusing!

    he he welcome anytime (for the contouring stealing bit :p)

    for those who want a powder foundation from MAC, without the minerals – Mineralize SPF15 Fdn/Loose is good. would do that review soon. i personally like it. and its matte.
    gaeaborn recently posted..Styling for frizzy- wavy curly hair – teaser

    • rashmi says:

      yeah dear i was talking abt HD she has medium dark …. it is ver confusing isnt it…

      hey m waiting for the lmrlz. oose pdr review what brush u use ???
      i m good at taking good things from friends i loved ur tut for conturing i have to see it again i think coz i never do conturing and i have stilla conturing palette untouched u know…

      • gaeaborn says:

        πŸ™‚ sure. well that powder comes with a sponge that i dont prefer as it takes a lot of product and probably wastes – i try to use a face brush. (but when i carry it i manage with the sponge given)

        yes yes the TM from Korres. ok so Strobe it is since it comes frm you between the two πŸ™‚
        and good part, it is avail here. (I would have had to bribe my bro in the states to send me Korres TM! lol)

  2. HD says:

    I kinda like this…though still dont love it!! but its good…and no dear I have medium…u rem the MUA had matched me to Medium dark but thn when I got home I saw she had given me medium…i had msgd u too…but meduim seems to be fine…the shades are really confusing…rati has medium dark and she is also NC 35

    • rashmi says:

      yeah exactly its not kind of THE LOVE stuff for me ..
      okay so u have medium i was confused???
      hahahah thats good atleast now i am relieved .. i have medium plus then its good …

  3. Jane says:

    This thing is very confusing product. On top of liquid foundation , it does add a good touch. But , alone sometimes it seems to add a little “something-something” to my face and other times I keep piling this on my face and nothing big seems to happen. At the rate I pile this on my face , I might hit pan very soon , not because I love it SO much , but just that I use a ton of product everyday :\ .

    • rashmi says:

      JANE i need to just hide me somewhere today .. why i read ur post on IMBB today i want to run from myself
      i was about to go for shopping tomm… but now i am thinking WHAT ? AGAIN ? DO I NEED ANYTHING MORE???

      ahhhh i regret why i read that too now at 1.30 in night πŸ™
      u r baddd .. awwwwww i need to shoppppp

      • rashmi says:

        being said that:(

        okay i agree this is confusing crazy stuff which i would have easily passed but i bought πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
        i know u will finish and then u will go to shop πŸ™‚
        where r u from .. ???

  4. Jane says: are funny πŸ™‚ LOL..I didn’t mean to stop everybody from shopping..My point is that just think sanely before spending a lot of money on makeup..hahaha and I am glad I made you think πŸ˜‰ But come one don’t give yourself a hard time , if you feel you deserve some makeup..go ahead and enjoy… πŸ˜‰

    I am originally from Chennai , but currently living in the US πŸ™‚

    • rashmi says:

      aahhhh okay so i will buy me some stuff tomm as i did today πŸ™‚ eekkkkssss
      i did shopped today but that was diff u know.. and tomm will be all new … does it make sence???

  5. Jane says: you didn’t make are just giving yourself excuses to shop πŸ˜‰ I think I have to come to Mumbai to keep a check on your shopping πŸ˜‰ just kidding

    • rashmi says:

      i knw … u know today i went to for indian stuff shoping and no budget and tomm i am going to mall and hubby said only 1000 rs …
      u say kya karon ???
      1000/- rs in mall ???

  6. AOYV says:

    I loved this but I had the wrong color. I had like medium deep, which was like a very visible bronzer on me. I’ll go into MAC and get me a Medium Plus or Medium Dark…the color I had it already in Back 2 MAC I exchaged it for Mocha Lipstick. But I found it to be a wonderful powder, actually. I can’t wait to repurchase it πŸ™‚
    AOYV recently posted..I might be moving to wordpress

    • rashmi says:

      yeahh shivu it is wonderful powder but yeahh not a must have … i love this when m in hurry and just want a clean face …
      u should get one acc. to ur match
      u would be supsd. to know i picked this online hahahh thank god it matched me perfectly πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      u loving mocha shivu ?? u think its gonna suit me ??

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