here is my INGLOT Eyeshadow palette which i bought yesterday , they were having 25% off sale so i boughtΒ  a 10 pan palette , i picked all the weired colors hahahah yeah they actually are the colors which i would not wear normally , but i find them so inexpensive so i thought lets just give them a try πŸ™‚

INGLOT has this Freedom System in which you can create your own palette , one MUA is there to help you with a magnet tray and will show you how you can make a palette , what all colors you pick he/she will take the tester out and keep in magnet tray so that you have an idea how your palette is going to look ,

few things to keep in mind before buying INGLOT eyeshadow –

they have rounds and squares both of them comes for 300/- INR , so i suggest you buy a square , coz square comes for 2.7 gms and round comes for 1.8 gms ,

the prices for the refills are same , however the prices for the palette are diff , i mean the empty palette ,

like 3 rounds empty palette with mirror cost you 300/- INR and a 5 rounds empty palette costs you 350/- INR

whereas a 2 square empty palette cost you 450/- INR and a 10 empty palette of Squares cost you 1400/- INR

i find the 10 square eyeshadow palette very adorable the styleΒ and the look was just so WOW

i tell you how it works in pics below , so comes sweeties πŸ™‚

the eyeshadow comes in plastic packaging like the ones in the picture below , and then you take them out and discard the packaging and keep your e/s in empty palette , i suggest you , whenΒ buy eyeshadowΒ ask them not to set it and you make your palette yourself , the reason is , you can note down the no’s and finish for the e/s

INGLOT dont have names for the e/s they have no’s , so i find it hard to remember , but i asked them not to arrange and bought them seperately and arranged myselfΒ  ,

here is how you take out the e/s from packaging and arrange them

the colors i picked are very vibrant and you can say some are very much summery , but its okay i was in fun mood so bought colors like these , i don’t think i have any dupe of them πŸ™‚ , and i arranged them like light dark , light dark …

the square 10 pan palette comes with a glass lid , its very sturdy and heavy duty glass , and its one of their best palette i have seen πŸ™‚ , i am completely sold by the palette look ,there are magnets on the lid which makes them sit properly to the palette

can you believe , i have not tried a single color on my eyes , I SWARE and still i have 2 palettes and 13 eyeshadow with me , loved the colors , the texture , the combos, i am only concerned about staying power , lets see how it works πŸ™‚

hope you enjoyed admiring them , let me know how you find them ,

i will swatch tomorrow πŸ™‚



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  1. shilpa says:

    hey mac guru…
    m bak on beauty circut…………
    hw hav u been?u did lot of shopping………hmmmmmmmmm
    waise nice inglot palette u have bought fr urself……….

  2. shilpa says:

    mac guru..tell me the no of the color thats right before yelow in upper row..the shimmmery dark brown…omg its so amazing….

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