MAC Powder Blush – Part II

Here is my second post for MAC BLUSHES .. go for P A R T – I here …

some of them are limited edition blushes , and i am wondering its been dayssss i bought any MAC Blush , thanks to my dear friend for asking about this post and making me realize that I have not melted my heart on any beauty for the past some time .. surely gonna check some very soon , my current wish list includes …


here are my next 5 Blushes from MAC in order of purchase

Prim & Proper– (Satin ) – I never intended to buy this , my shopping for Liberty of London collection was all over , but then one day i was at MAC and my (now manger ) MUA Shikha tried this on me with nude lips and the combo was looking just awesome , very neutral blush or say my only MAC neutral shade which I pick blindly without even thinking twice , I never thought I would love this one , but I think this and Margin are my most used blushes … Its a limited Edition Blush but MAC always re-promotes so you are more likely to see this in near future

would not look very pretty on darker skin tones however on lighter skintones it would appear more peachy brown , on me it looks just beige brown blush which is easy to wear

Plum Foolery– (Sheertone shimmer ) I previously reviewed this one  H E R E , its nice plumy rose color , would look good on all skin tones , do read the full post on above link

Desert Rose  – Matte – I think its only matte blush I have , again a recco by a MUA at MAC when I was searching for some darker tones Blush , I was all head over heals with this , gives perfect rosy cheeks without being overpowering , matte finish makes it even more pleasurable , I sometime applies Margin on top of this , and they both compliment each other

Hipness– (Frost ) – It is one of the most awaited limited edition blush , I purchased it with “to the beach collection , how ever it was launched with FAFI collection earlier , nice coral pink with hint of shimmer in it , very buildable color , gives nice coral pinky cheeks , can be layered for more intense look ,

its not one of THE MUST HAVE in my list but its good to have a nice limited edition color with you , its gonna look good on any skin tone , nice coral pink blush to check out when ever MAC  re-promote

Instant Chic– (Sheertone ) – Again a limited edition blush from Pret-a-papier collection , nice pinky coral , not unique but good to have if you are a blushoholic like me , gives me fresh looking face , its not overly pigmented so you can play with it without fear

it will suit most of the warm skin tone gals out there , do have a look when MAC re-promotes

hope you enjoyed the second post on blush , do pour in some suggestions and recommendations



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  1. Sabrina says:

    Hi Rashmi…Lovely post and what a lovely collection of MAC blushes you have. Thanks for replying to my Q about Fleur Power Vs. MUFE HD blush No. 6. Now, what do you think about MAC Hipness blush Vs. MUFE HD blush no. 6, I mean shade-wise, do they look the same? I have Hipness, and I saw Fleur Power the other day at the MAC store, which do you think would be similar to MUFE HD blush no. 6….which, as you can see, I cannot rest till I have it…haha.

  2. AOYV says:

    Amazing blushes!
    My recs for you are Pinkswoon, Dollymix, Pinch me, Peaches, Style, Peachtwist, Coppertone (amazing blush for everyday), Gingerly.

    Those are the ones I have and you dont and I love each of them dearly. Wow, I do have a lot of blushes, but they are my babies! I know you’ll understand.

    I am going to get Sunbasque, Ambering rose, Desert Rose based on your recs.
    AOYV recently posted..Lets try to be slender like MAC Melba Blush ha!

    • rashmi says:

      i know i can completely relate to our love for blushes 🙂 … infact like u said …. whenever i am low i just look at amazing beauties and hubby always tease me stop seeing MAC dreams …. i wonder how he knows but its true i do that quite often 🙂

      yeah i agree with ur reccos and i am about to order some of them soon …
      first melba , dollymix , style woohhhh will start with 3 first 🙂

      • AOYV says:

        You’ll love them so much. I love this beauty community because my friends in real life think I am CRAZY for loving make-up too much. They think I am vain or obsessed, but they dont tell me to my face. I love make-up, I could marry it. HAHA. Style is so gorg.
        For Melba, wait for the tartan tale collection and get peachtwist with the face kit too. It will save room in the palette.
        AOYV recently posted..Lets try to be slender like MAC Melba Blush ha!

        • rashmi says:

          yeah thats a good idea .. melba and peachtwist both with beauty powder 🙂
          m gonna grab style and dollymix then 🙂
          m so resisting myself from blushes.. i have to pick by this weekend 🙂

          i know my mom always like where will u use ?? i mean on face na mamma .. she laughs and then says ohhh when she was here and saw me clicking pics she was like ???? yeah kaun dekhega?? ohhh i know how it feels

  3. Aarti says:

    Dollymix is amazing … I first wanted to buy pink swoon cause the color looks gorgeous . But then when i tried on it made me look pale . Pink swoon is more apt for white skin. For me I love Dolyl mix .. Its blendable … Its pink so i love it . it looks amazing

    I also have a matte blush ‘pinch me’ – its like burnt orange brown. Perfect for work. But I am not in love with it. How is sunbasque ?

    • rashmi says:

      i agree dear pink swoon is good for lighter skin tones … i have not tried it myself for that fear .. but a friend is highly recomnd. so lets see

      but my wish list is dollymix first 🙂 …. sunbasque is lovely color …. u should try that .. if not comf . do try 2 – 3 times .. its lovely color and a must
      its not very heavy .. very easy to wear color dear

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