LOTUS HERBALS PHYTO RX ™ Botanical Prescriptions


At lotus Herbals, we firmly believe in providing naturally safe, professional care. That is exactly why we persistently employ the best of science to harness efficacy that only Nature can provide. This has resulted in an exceptional, revolutionary range of professional beauty products :

PHTYO-Rx – The future of Skin Care.

PHTYO-Rx is our new range of home care products that are primarily to be consumed as an extension to the Salon routine at home. It is a prescription based products and is the most effective, pure and safest organic home skin care formulation.

The entire PHTYO-Rx™ range employs POTENT ORGANIC FORMULATIONS that administer higher concentration of active botanicals in each product to provide safe and natural care effectively. Each of the products is FREE of Chemical PRESERVATIVES, ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE and COLOUR to provide you with the best of Nature


As per recent scientific studies, a strong link has been observed amongst preservatives, especially PARABENS and health problems like breast cancer.

Add to this an ongoing scientific debate on continued use of preservatives leading to carcinogenicity and estrogenic effects.

Concern about endocrine disruptors and more has further reinforced the objective of lotus Herbals to come up with preservative free beauty solutions that give unbelievably marvelous results without making your health pay for it.


Using preservatives, artificial fragrances and colours in skin care products can often cause allergies especially if skin is extremely sensitive. In some cases skin may also develop rashes or itching because of Parabens present in the beauty products. In other cases, the allergic reaction may develop after long-term usage of products with Parabens.

At Lotus Herbals we adopt precautionary principles and believe in delivering only the safest product formulations.

PHYTORx™ Daily Deep Cleansing Face Wash (80g ) – Rs  145

PHYTORx™ Clarifying and Soothing Daily Toner (100ML) –  Rs 195

PHYTORx™Skin Brightening Exfoliator  (100g ) – Rs  225

PHYTORx™ Herbcomplex Protective Lotion  (100ML ) – Ra  225

PHYTORx™ Skin Smoothening & Deep Moisturising Crème ( 50Gms)   -Rs  345

PHYTORx™ Anti-Blemish Crème (50Gms)  – Rs 395

PHYTORx™ Anti-Ageing Crème  (50Gms) – Rs  395

PHYTORx™ Skin Brightening & Clarifying Essence  (60ML)-Rs 425

PHYTORx™ Pimples & Acne Clarifying Crème (20g) –  Rs 225

PHYTO-Rx™ Eye Contour Rejuvenating Crème (15 gms)  – Rs 295

Although you might have seen the press release whole day as I think am the last one to receive this …. pls feel free to leave a comment to make me feel little better

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  1. Zara says:

    Wow! This seems like such a fabulous range..They seem to have thought of everything..AM, PM, eye care, exfoliation..M sure this range will be nice ..Any idea whether its available at stores yet?

    • Zara says:

      Hey Rashmi..just wanted to tell u that there is a maybeline sale on brandmile.com..I havent checked it out yet, but received a mail and thought I’d giv u a head up.. 😉

      • Zara says:

        Yeps..I checked it out and it was nothing gr8…Even i dint go in for anything..was very thanda-thanda.. Will definitely keep u posted 😉 So wot if we cant shop tgether in person?? Online to saath me shopping kar hi sakte hain..hehe..

        I hope this Lotus range is good..Wud luv to try their cleanser and eye creme..

        • rashmi says:

          thanks honey …. 😀 😀 … of course we gonna shop here on dot com …
          and if you are looking for eye cream let me mail you for that 😀 😀

          • Zara says:

            Yes yes…my id is zsk85@yahoo.com

            I’ve been looking for a good eye cream..I have tried garnier, evion, natures co…but nothing seems to work..i still have dark circles..At the most they become a bit light after using these creams, but the effect doesnt seem to last 🙁 🙁

            Pls do mail me and leme know.. 😉

  2. Renuca says:

    This range sounds very interesting and promising, would definitely try it out especially since they are very reasonably priced.

  3. shilpa says:

    mac guru…………i knw i am being very skeptical these days……………but do u really believe that these are preservative free products…..like lakme lotus has never suited my skin……

  4. Poonam says:

    I have been using this range but now the products price they are charging way more than its written in here. Pls tell me what should I do.

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