Craving for some Plums – Plum Dressing Eyeshadow

While going through my stash the other day, I noticed I have so many plums and berry shades and then thought of sharing them in series , this way you will have an idea how much am into this wonderful color which is Perfect for Fall or say so called FALL Season or Autumn as we say here which begins around September month. While covering this I hope to create a CRAVING for the color and am sure would end up buying so many things with your recommendations … what say??

The first beauty product to feature here in this series is AWESOME eye shadow by MAC and its PLUM DRESSING, which is described as Pinky-plum with metal and has Veluxe Pearl finish. It is Plumy mauve color with prominent pink undertones, veluxe pearl finish makes it easy to work with, and it has nice subtle shimmer in it although it is not at all frosty. Plum Dressing leans towards cooler tone and one might find it difficult to go well but if paired wisely it might work for warmer skin tone gals too.

I have used this color in various looks , it goes well with gold’s and silvers and even bronze I must say , although the easiest way to pair this wonderful color is , apply MAC Indian wood paint pot all over the lids and then add this on outer corners and finish with brow bone highlighter. I so love the 2 min combo and it work every time and no fuss look; I have added a pic for reference.

The color is easy to blend and build although you might have to layer this to show it but that way you will never go wrong with the application … right?? The color is good shade for beginners as this is most versatile shade of Plum eye shadow which will not make your eyes bruised.

Some color combinations to pair this with –

Plum Dressing with Freshwater – Plum and Blue look

Plum Dressing with Silver Ring

Plum Dressing with Cranberry – Full on Plums

Goldmine all over the lip, Plum Dressing on outer corners and Passionate in the crease for perfect sunset look.

Plum Dressing all over the lid with Carbon in the crease for perfect Plum Smokey eyes.

Plum Dressing 2/3rd of the outer lid, Hush in 1/3rd of inner lid, Sketch in the crease and Teal liner on water line.

One of the best plum color eye shadows from MAC, this one top the charts with awesome finish and even lovelier color.

Have you tried this color?? What all shades you like to pair this with??

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    • Isha says:

      Zara it looks awesome with Expensive Pink (sorry to butt in Rashmi). It also pairs well with mauves/ lilacs such as Seedy Pearl; Stars n Rockets. Even pinks like Sushi Flower; Da Bling; Girlie…its a great plum shade to have.

      • rashmi says:

        😀 😀 Isha its always a pleasure to hear your take as you have endless combo’s to share and I request you to add in your fav. 😀 😀
        this is def. going to work with so many pinks as you mentioned 😀 😀
        and thanks again honey

      • Zara says:

        Hi Isha! WOw! u have a pletora of combo at ur finger do u manage t remember the names of so many shades??

        • Isha says:

          Zara thanks – i remember ‘coz i may have a wonky gene 🙂 🙂 From the time i’ve been a kid i’ve had a razor sharp memory (very visual). As a result i remember even the most random things – eyeshadow names included 😉

          • rashmi says:

            😀 😀 Isha that being said … we would def. love to see your eye makeup skills 😀 …. you have flicker a/c ??

          • Zara says:

            wowiee!! Man! Thats amazing..I wish i had the same kinda mind..i am sooo klutzy and forget things so easily… 🙂

          • Isha says:

            Zara it’s a blessing AND a bane…great when u need to remember b’days or locate u’r car in a galaxy sized parking lot…not so great when u STILL have an overwhelming urge to clonk u’r sister on her head for cutting u’r dolls hair when u were 4yrs old!!

          • Isha says:

            Rashmi…no flickr a/c. Am pretty rabid about my privacy/anonymity esp when it comes to multimedia/ social platforms. Your welcome to see it in person though whenever u’r travels brings u to my neck of the woods 🙂

          • rashmi says:

            Isha 😀 i agree with you and so wish i should followed the same thing :D…
            and yeah would def. love to meet you in person …
            let me tell you one thing here ….
            100 times at least i have thought you are “C” .. i know its weird but i so wish …
            now i can only pray she post comment here some day 😀 😀

          • Isha says:

            Awww…feel so bad now Rashmi…sorry to burst u’r bubble…i’m not ‘C’…i’m just silly lil ‘me’…tho forget u’r 100 times…i wished a zillion times i was ‘C’ 🙂 🙂 And i know only 2 of us will really understand this – to others we may be odd ducks…but who cares 🙂

          • rashmi says:

            ahahahh 😀 i know but who will tell her how much we love her ???
            ONE FINE DAY she will read this space and will be overwhelmed to see how crazy we are 😀 😀 ….
            but i will still continue with the fact that you are “C” … will make both us happy isnt it ??

  1. Isha says:

    Rash great series – n plums is a great way to kick it off. I’m not big on plum lipsticks (own them but hardly use them). However i love eye combos in plums n purples – and Plum Dressing is one is my fav crease colours. The other shade i like is Hepcat.

    • rashmi says:

      Thank you so much Isha 😀 am glad you liked this idea …
      i sooo love plum color lips from dark colors to sheer i am so much into plum lips all the time 😀 😀
      and yeah this is def. one of the best crease colors 😀
      but hepcat is very similar to this isnt it ?? you think both are must have or ??

      • Isha says:

        Hepcat n Plum Dressing are very similar…so i’d say u need only one. Unless u are like me and find even subtle colour nuances prominent – the former has a reddish/pink cast and is brighter whilst the latter leans more purple. I prefer Hepcat as i like a bright pop of colour – its lovely when worn on the lid with greens like Lucky Green or blues like Atlantic Blue, Deep Truth etc. But if u want to opt for a more subtle colour then Plum Dressing is perfect.

        • rashmi says:

          ohh yeah i got it now 😀 i am eying Fig 1 and its out of stock for a long long time … i guess i will buy a brighter purple then plum what say ??
          i am not happy with parfait amour so chucked that and Fig 1 is on my top priority list right now 😀

          • Isha says:

            Rash ditto on the parfait amour – its an ok transition shade for smokey purple eyes but otherwise i dont reach for it often. But Fig 1 – now that’s a great eggplant colour n u must get it. It’s a matte but still applies pretty smooth – worth hunting down 🙂

          • rashmi says:

            yeahhh i so want to buy Fig 1 for a long long time ….
            and one more thing i was eying badly and that was MAC Lady Danger and it was out of stock here for such a long time i had to ask my bro in noida to buy it for me 😀 😀 …
            i skipped Fig 1 as i was worried it might break but they will not restock it i know i have to bug him again 😀 😀

    • rashmi says:

      Thank you ankita 😀 😀 … this sounds pretty , although there isnt any difference in cranberry and PD but yeah i think i have also paired them and they look nice 😀 thanks for sharing your combo dear 😀

  2. Shilpa says:

    Wow mac guru…..plum series…..great …..m looking forward to the entire series.
    Btw plum color looks gorgeous on indIan skin tone….and plum dressing is really lovely shade.
    If u have to pick only one out of cranberry and plum dressing then what’s ur choice
    And how about creating a blue plum smokey eye with plum dressing,contrast and goldmine…….do tell me if the combo works….

    • rashmi says:

      Thank you so much Shilpa 😀 am so glad you liked the idea …
      my pick for lovely plum color would be Clarins Plum but from MAC Cranberry which has nice pay off 😀
      i will def. try out the look you mentioned although its a mix of cool and warm tone but lets see if i can re-create the look 😀 😀
      thanks again for appreciating honey

    • rashmi says:

      Thank you so much shivu :d am glad you liked this idea … i will try to do my best honey …. 😀 😀
      plum is such a lovely color to have and esp. with pinks

  3. Neeraj says:

    I’d suggest some looks too……..Like using humid (MAC) with plum, silver like Elecktra (MAC) with plum or grey, Bright blue with plums and also a monochromatic look with all in plum dressing for eyes, plumfoolery for cheeks and some plum for lips…………the cherry on the cake is a christmas makeup with plum, silver and golden glitter


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