KHADI Sandalwood Mud Scrub Bar : Review

Khadi Handmade Soap is a pure herbal handmade soap. This commercially handmade soap usually contains herbal ingredients. This handmade soap tends to be less eco friendly. ( little confusing but info taken from their site)

Khadi Handmade Soap manufacturers offer cost effective products. Khadi handmade soaps are made with natural oils. They also consist high glycerin content. As such, they are better for the environment and are free from detergents or phosphates.

Size : 125 gm , Price : 66 /- INR

I purchased this a while back and have been using this for last few days. This was my first ever Khadi soap and I must say am pleasantly surprised and no wonder am going to buy these whenever I can.

It comes with plastic wrap, one side there is small layer of grittier mud and on the other side there is soft creamy bar, and I use both the sides , although you can use the creamy side more often. The mud granules are not very fine hence give good body scrubbing effect and you can actually feel the smoothness in your skin after using this. As the soap is ultra creamy it’s an advantage to have a scrubber along with this.

Will not drag and come straight to the point:


  • Good moisturizing
  • As they say it is a scrubbing bar: this is awesome with that, harsh granules gives nice scrubbing making the skin clean and free of dead skin.
  • Doesn’t melt like some of the costliest soaps in the market, e.g. LUSH (chill am not comparing the two, my mind is still working properly)
  • Awesome fragrance of Sandalwood, I don’t feel this annoying as the smell vapors after few minutes
  • Decently Priced: I never expected this to provide all the above results but ,as I said , I was pleasantly surprised how good it is.


  • Availability is the biggest con.
  • Texture is not that great, sometimes it’s hard to wash off and cleaning the restroom is another mess sometimes.
  • Buying these in stores like NEW Bombay Store is little high on pocket whereas if you buy these in Khadi Store the prices will be reasonable. What is this??

Overall: Not a bad choice if you are able to get this ….

Do I Recommend: This is a nice change from regular soaps and I would love to make this part of daily bathing regime provided am able to spot this easily!!! I hope you will try one of these and am sure this will not disappoint you, however if you are not happy with harsh grittier texture this will not be a right choice for you.

I will try more of khadi’s natural soaps and hope to find something for delicate babes!! Hope you find this helpful ….

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  1. Parita says:

    i love khadi soaps just for their handmade and natural stuff and the variety available..i have tried this, chandan, aloe vera, rose and olive, jasmine, lavender etc phew 🙂 the best part is even though they are made of natural oil it doesnt melt like dove soaps, they are not moisturizng but def not too drying either 🙂 Do try their other variants..also these are available online..try retailmart..they usually have khadi products on sale 🙂
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