NARS Orgasm Blush- Review , Pics and Swatches

NARS is the only brand which is so creative ( read embarrassing) in naming their products , examples includes , Orgasm , Deep throat , Super Orgasm , Amour, Desire , Torrid , Sin, Sex Appeal , Zen , and so on….

The list is never ending and hey please see the review first and then head to Google for all the description … let me tell you when I started writing this I checked each and every (shade name) meaning and OH BOY … was I stunned?? Absolutely YES!!!!

But again, when brands don’t give names to their products and instead give numbers we complain and if brand gives creative names like these we complaint?? What’s wrong with us?? Isn’t it??

The review is for NARS ORGASM BLUSH and I know you might have seen the review 100 times on each blog, but then, here is my take on the wonderful, lust worthy ORGASM …. EEKS … it does sounds Cheesy isn’t it??

NARS “O” is described as peachy pink with shimmer, this sure is described very well, it is medium pink color with peach and golden shimmer , the shimmer is very prominent and not very fine in finish but on cheeks the shimmer settles down and gives nice sheen, you barely need highlighter with this blush or say it’s good idea to avoid highlighter with this super shimmery blush which is a mix of blush and highlighter.

The color shows more of pink rather than peach on me, as I am neutral toned it pulls more pink undertones and shows pink on my skin. With peachy golden shimmer it leans towards warmer side and hence is a universally flattering shade. As all NARS Blushes this one is not overly pigmented , so you can easily build the color but mind it the shimmer also builds so make sure to work in small strokes at a time. The color is little sheer as compared to some others I have example NARS Taos , TORRID , NARS Mounia and DOLCE VITA.

I picked this set last year on sale , so definitely it was worth every penny well spent and utilized. Luckily I got the set and am glad I got good discount. The packaging is little big from regular blushes as it’s a duo, comes with good big size mirror which is awesome to carry around. There is no brush which is actually a huge plus for me. All NARS palettes are rubberized and hence catches finger prints easily which is not very eye catching thing. But again!! Good things come with some cons …. Isn’t it??

I have no qualms with color, it shows up well on my medium skin tone and for darker damsels I think it will just solve the purpose of highlighter. If you are somewhere above NC 45 or so, do consider trying NARS DEEP THROAT BLUSH which again is WONDERFUL color for darker beauties.

This is how it looks now ….. not eye candy isn’t it ??

And this is how it looks on me , I have MUFE Face and Body Foundation # 32 and MUFE HD Concealer # 340 on my face

NARS Orgasm is very shimmery that you really don’t need any highlighter to pair with this, I so wish I should have picked a bronzer duo for myself rather than this. Bronzer and this blush would be an awesome combo rather than highlighter I guess, but again Albatross is such an amazing color, so no Excuses for my purchase … right ??

And here is an old video of mine using the DUO :

Do I recommend: NARS Blushes are on expensive side and that’s not the news… isn’t it?? I always recommend grabbing them in sale or else a set like this which is complete value for money. You get a blush and highlighter or blush and bronzer.

If you are fond of blushes and looking for this shade don’t think twice and get this with a duo. If you need any expert tips for SEPHORA feel free to mail me … EXPERT TIPS from me?? WELL!!! Not really expert , but a dummies guide for SEPHORA I mean.

Things have changed a lot … if you hear my initial days of SEPHORA Shopping you will laugh like anything … I was SOOO Scared of this name that I didn’t bothered to even open its website .. Can you imagine??

I hope you find the review helpful and now for my next blush from NARS ??? It would be a duo again , and here is the LINK , I hope it is still there …

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  1. Zara says:

    OMG!! Rash u have no idea….just last night i dreamt ke i was surfing strawberrynet and saw a nars blush and was going to call u t ask bout it.. and now i logged in and saw NARS again..haha! ur a mind and a dream reader Rash! :*

    This i such a famed blush of nars na? it luks so pretty but i cant figure out how some ppl like it so much and some dont like it at all…very puzzling…i so lv this shade..i cant imagine anyone not liking it…

  2. AOYV says:

    I WUV this blush, but do find it a tad overrated…IDK its still worth it. It is an awesome blush but hyped because of the name, I guess? One of my best friends was like you HAVE to get it. She is Korean and pale as snow, I was so apprehensive because I am a good shade of olive. She literally dragged me to Sephora and put it on me. The rest is history.
    Ohh and let me tell you one good memory I have with Sephora. Me and the bestie used to get drunk (it only took us one drink each) in the mall’s restaurant and then used to shop and do each others’ make overs at Sephora. Surprisingly neither of us looked like clowns. Ohh I miss those days.
    AOYV recently posted..L’Oreal Paris Color Infallible Eyeshadows; First impressions & swatches

  3. Nirah says:

    I have been visiting your blog for a long time. Lovely blog!
    This was a really good video. Something that I was looking for (How to apply blush, makes sense now!!)

  4. Gaea says:

    who wouldnt want an ‘O’ ;))))
    u have always rocked this in many many pics – so no more saying! 🙂

    i got MAC springsheen and since this is too talked about i am giving it a miss as of now lol :p

  5. shilpa says:

    hello mac guru…..i m really not sure about nars orgasm……though it looks really nice on u i have a feeling it wud be too shimmery for me….i like deep throat better than orgasm

    • rashmi says:

      hey honey 😀
      thank you so much am glad you liked the blush on me ….
      i will def. write about that … i hope they dont kill me 😀 😀
      and yeah everything about the sale 😀

  6. pragti says:

    Hi Rashmi
    Have been following your blog quite often and it really helps. I was wondering how to get hold of Nars blush in India ? could u guide pls.


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