MAC Eyeshadow Palette – II

As promised , here is my second MAC eyeshadow palette , let me know if you want me to review any particular shade or else any look ??

I completed this palette with MAC Silver Ring and its been 1 year I guess !!! Lets see the names and finishes of the eyeshadow in this ….

Here are some close up pictures , no swatches as there are endless swatches on net and I don’t want to spoil my eyeshadow with oil on finger tips , Sorry for this but I hope it hardly matters isn’t it ??



Woodwinked :Β Warm antique gold ( V.P.) , Ricepaper : Peachy Gold with shimmer ( F) , Shimmermoss : Green w/green pearl ( V.P. )

Mythology : Copper (L) , Plum Dressing : Pinky-plum with metal (V.P.) , Humid : Intense Green with shimmer (F)

Coppering : Orange Copper ( V.P.) , Brule : Soft Creamy-Beige , Carbon : Intense Black (M)

Sketch : Burgundy with Red Shimmer ( V ) , Motif : Gold-Peach w/pink pearl ( F)

Satin Taupe : Taupe with Silver Shimmer ( F) , Embark : Intense Reddish Brown

Sumptuous Olive : Khaki with Green Pearl ( V.P.) , Silver Ring : Grey with Silver sheen ( V.P.)

P.S. Sorry for spell in Pic ( Sumptuous Olive)

Finishes : Veluxe Pearl ( V.P.) , Frost ( F) , Lustre ( L) , Matte ( M) , Velvet ( V)

This palette has more versatile shades as I was wise enough and bold enough to try out greens , blues and even black. This is by far my favourite palette and I hope to make endless palettes like this in future . Did I tell you that I have almost finished the 4th palette which I purchased this month .. YAAAAAAAA

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  1. Poornima says:

    This is a beautiful palette Rashmi…loved all the colours..very thoughtfully selected. Just perfect..If anyone asks me for a beginner palette suggestion from MAC, I will direct them to this post.

    • rashmi says:

      thank you so much Poorni … i have to again see the palette as you said … it might really good for beginners and again not too blah with browns and neutrals …
      i guess you are absolutely right πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      thank you once again honey for appreciating it ….

  2. Parul says:

    Awestruck and drooling!! Guess what..I have yet to buy any eye shadow from Mac(paint pots don’t count, I have Groundwork). I am going to bookmark this post and keep it as a reference. Thanks dear..I love Humid, Sketch and Plum Dressing. Humid is surely going to be my first color. I love it

  3. Swati says:

    There is such a balance of colors in this palette…its a complete palette in itself!!

    Have you done any looks with shimmermoss? it really looks gorgeous in the pan!

    • rashmi says:

      yeahh i agree swati πŸ˜€ .. even am noticing now and am so glad you liked this honey …
      i did so many looks with it , let me review it and add the links for the looks πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      is it okay ??

  4. AOYV says:

    I am going to make a “to buy” MAC eyeshadow list from here. Although I want to shift focus away from MAC and into more higher end brands, you tempt me all the time. πŸ™
    I want Woodwinked, Shimmermoss, Motif, Satin Taupe, Silver Ring from this palette. Already have Sumptuous Olive, Carbon, Ricepaper and Humid. (sorry, it is only to share what I have in common with you and would buy from this palette, but thankfully already have and love).

    • rashmi says:

      hahahah we all are here to tempt each other …… isnt it ?? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ … Motif is beautiful color shivu and so are the other colors … and yeah you have some awesome colors to pair with these πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. shilpa says:

    kya sahi pallette hai………..i wish i cud have all of them…..
    waqise m,ac guru i m liking the new look of u8r blog but i m missing the previous post and next post scroll button at the end of every post…….plz bring back that feature….it was so convenient…..

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