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Sorry for posting the swathces little late , here are my picks for MAC’s Fall / Winter shades I shared 2 days back , I have added my FOTD links and will try to use the colors in my coming post to give you better idea and some lip combos as well.

Here some closer pictures for you , let me know if you need any details and any FOTD in particular ??


Most Popular : Lustre Finish , Part of Limited Edition range , although I haven’t included other shades here but was confused with this color …. MAC Plumful is closest to this shade.

Rebel : Vivid Pinkish – Purple , Satin Finish , you just read My Review for this , A Must have color and the most prettiest plum berry shade for fall .

Hang Up : Deep Berry , Cremesheen Finish , not my favorite finish and so is the deep purple berry shade which is little vampy . As you can notice from the swatch it is the darkest shade amongst the lot , I do need a gloss to tone down . Little dry on lips due to cremesheen finish .

Captive : Pinkish – Plum , Satin Finish , read My Review  and FOTD with this shade , it is certainly pretty and leans more plum then rosy plum and hence again not my favorite amongst the lot. The finish is definitely lovely as it gives good wear time and very opaque color.

Most Popular , Rebel , Hang Up and Captive
Most Popular , Rebel , Hang Up and Captive



Captive : Read Above :

Craving : Burst of Plum , Amplified Finish , read My Review for the beautiful and amazing rosy plum shade , looks wonderful although it is little cool toned but is strikingly beautiful on our skin tone. Awesome Amplified Finish adds brownie point to pick this shade . I can go on and on for lovely shade and highly recommend it for this season . It is noticeable shade without being in your face. It is power packed color but is more flirty rather then vampy.

Amorous : Lovestruck Cranberry , Satin Finish ,  here is  My Review for much talked about color after MAC’s Vimi Joshi Live Chat. I do like the color but I maintain its not my favorite amongst the lot. A nice starter shade , if you want a deep plum but not as deep as Rebel and not as rosy as Craving , this might be your color . Satin is one my favorite finish giving lipstick a good 4 hrs of wear, Glossy finish is an added bonus with this.

Plumful : Blossoming Rose – Plum , Lustre Finish , read My Review for this , Ahh its 1 year old review so please excuse all the mistakes. I have loved this color enough but now its time to use some deep more intense and pigmented shades. This is something you can wear any time , lustres are very sheer but are build able but still there is little transparency on lips no matter how much you layer the color. If you are looking for everyday plum color do get this for the sheer wash on lips.

Captive , Craving . Amorous and Plumful
Captive , Craving . Amorous and Plumful


My Recommendation : I would definitely pick MAC Rebel for full on power packed plum berry lips and if you want to play safe or say want to look more flirty and girly go for MAC Craving lipstick for more rosy delicate berry lips . Both these are exceptionally well in staying power and color pigmentation .

I hope you liked this post , please share your favorite color of the lot ?

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  1. Zara says:

    Captiv, craving and amorous r so gorgeous….Rash, out of Plumful and most popular, which wud y say is better? they look a but similar, but most popular looks a little glossier…

  2. shilpa says:

    i have craving and amorous…….rest can wait as i feel they all will look almost same on my lips……..but rebel and plumful are certainly on my wish list……..

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