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I have been using this color for 2 months now and wonder why there aren’t much FOTD’s here ?? This is the most amazing everyday color I have ever came across and its so surprising how well it goes with any color on eyes or cheeks. I am talking about MAC Brick – O – LA which is wonderful pink brown color with little bit plum color undertones to it . It is warm color and goes well with out Indian skin tone.

There are only positive points with this lipstick , Amplified Finish which makes it completely opaque , very subtle glossy sheen . It stays well for 4 + hrs on my lips and still there is beautiful tint on lips and the best part is , it never dries my lips.

I still wonder how come I didn’t discovered this color earlier , it is one of the hidden gems from MAC permanent range and am sure you would feel the same once you try this in store.

You can have a look at more pictures and swatches H E R E ,

I have MAC Select Cover Concealer in NW 35 and Clinique Super Balanced Foundation in # 6 Linen on my face :




And here is how it looks with MAC Viva Glam VI Lipglass ,



And here is how it looks with MAC Nymphette Lipglass :



How do you find this color on me ?? Have you tried Brick – O – La from MAC which isn’t a Brick color at all ??


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  1. Roopa says:

    Hi Rashmi

    This is on my lust list too. This is one of the very few MAC lipstick shades which suit me. However, it was out-of-stock the last 3 times I checked. I have a close shade in Inglot slim gel (no 53).

    BTW, I participated in the Mumbai Marathon for the first time today. Did the dream run……



    • rashmi says:

      Mumbai Marathon WOW … so WOW 😀 share more details pls …. i toh never ever dream …. on second thoughts I guess I can only dreammmm but you are so lucky to contribute your bit 😀

      I am sure this color is almost out stock here as well and I had hard time find this :d
      thanks for sharing a dupe babes 😀

      • Roopa says:


        I have, too just been dreaming abt it forever. I have started working with the bank this year and hence last minute registration was possible.

        Have gained lots of weight this year and overall fitness level is low. Add to that, has a family potluck party yesterday which ended at 1.00 am and hence was tempted to skip it in the morning.

        But I am glad I went for it. The atmosphere is amazing. Mumbai is at its best early morning.

        I just walked. There were these stages put up along the route by Radio channels and other companies which had live as well as recorded music.

        I so want to do the half marathon – but need to start woing out for that.

        Seriously Rashmi, you just start……


  2. Meera says:

    Hi Rashmi,

    I tried this just 2 days ago. Brick- o-la just looked ok on me, so I skipped it. But I am darker than you (NC 45).I have bought quite a few lipsticks based on your recs: Dubonnet, impassioned. Verve looked dull on me until the SA suggested I wear VG VI lipglass over it, and now I love the combo!

    BTW, I have difficulty pairing eyeshadows. Any suggestions on how to combine shades without looking outlandish? Love your posts, so keep up the good work!

    • rashmi says:

      thank you so much Meera 😀 thats so sweet of you to say and am glad you find Dubonnet and Impassioned reviews helpful …. the colors are WOW and I can imagine you flaunting them proudly 😀 :DVG VI Lipglass is just out of this worldddd i can never imagine my stash without that color 😀 ….

      I would say there arent any rules for pairing but what i have learned from friends is : pair cool toned colors on eyes with cool toned on lips , I try to follow but again as i said no particular rule 😀
      I was actually working on that post only .. i hope you like that 😀 😀

      let me know what all colors you find hard to pair ?? try imagining a transition of color like from light to medium to dark in the crease and if you have more area on eyes to play i mean between crease and brow bone ( same as mine) use a neutral color to blend them well , my pick would be WEDGE or SOFT BROWN for that.

      still mail me honey or tell me here 😀

  3. Parul says:

    I love this shade..In fact its one of my favorite Mac shades and seems to luk good on fair people as well as darker skinned girls…it luks gorgeous on you darling

  4. AOYV says:

    Dude, this exercising is really making you look good!!!
    Dont ever stop dear!! You seem to have lost a lot of chub 🙂
    I’m getting back into it, everything is so sore 🙁
    You look beautiful, xo

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