Sleek Makeup Pomegranate Blush : FOTD


I had shared this color with you some days back and here is how it looks on me , I am running out of time so no review again but tell you one thing , it stayed around 6 hrs on my oily skin and still at the end of the day I could see the hint of color on my cheeks .

Here is how the color looks on my NC 40 skin tone , I have MAC Select Cover Up Concealer in NW 35 and Clinique Super Balanced Foundation in # 6 on my face .


How do you find the color on me ?? Would love to hear your take on the color .

The product mentioned above is sent by brand for consideration .

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  1. Zara says:

    amazing shade Rash.its a efect shade especially in winters when we tend to look paler than usual…total luv for this one! 🙂

    • rashmi says:

      hieeee Zara how r u honey ??
      thank you so much for appreciating 😀 it is certainly beautifulllll shade 😀 and you said it right it is so apt for winters 😀

        • rashmi says:

          missed you sweetie 😀 😀 had a blasttttt .. totally loved our first holiday together 😀 😀
          will share pics soon …

          and sleek … ohhhh it is totally WOW 😀

  2. shilpa says:

    nice shade mac guru…..after a long time i have liked a blush coz to my eyes every blush seems same…but i like this one….

    • rashmi says:

      heyyy Shilpaaa D: 😀 … i am not sure what you are talking about

      but if you see just where comments start and after the square ad
      there is a previous and next post link …

      pls see if you are talking about that honey or else i will see in my memory 😀 😀

      • shilpa says:

        sorry my mistake mac guru./….i dont know how i missed that…..yes thats what i was talking about…..sorry i m being amnesic these days……sorry again…

  3. AOYV says:

    This is my fourth attempt to comment…yes, fourth! LOL 🙂
    This is a lovely blush, I am tempted to get it from ebay…but then it really comes down to the fact that I will swatch it once and forget about it 🙁
    Looking lovely on you.

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