MAC VIVA GLAM Nicki Minaj Lipstick will be launching anytime in India , I picked this long back and shared a review as well . As its VIVA GLAM WEEK , am here with lighter and more wearable version of the bright coral pink lipstick . The lipstick is definitely head turner but again as I say its for a good cause so I don’t mind .

Where the lipstick look stunning in tube it is little difficult to pull off on our warm medium skin tone , I was trying how to make this work for me and the best thing I figured out is – use it as a stain . The best part is , it covers pigmented lips really well even if I use it as a tint and looks more pretty on my coloring .

The tint also stays good on my lips and if I apply a gloss it stays even more longer however the shine fades in 1 or 2 hrs but the beautiful pink tint is there for good 4 + hrs on my lips .

I reviewed  the lipstick earlier H E R E and used it directly from tube And this is how the color looks on me when I apply it as a tint :



And this is how it looks when I layer MAC VIVA GLAM VI SE Lipglass on top of this :



Which one did you liked ?? Glossy version or tint ??

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  1. Pinky says:

    Sorry, was more focused on the eyes than the lips, the beautiful purple eyeliner stands out more than the lipstick… u have used black on your waterline wouldn’t a similar shade (i.e purple)eye pencil looked different?

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