CHANEL Blending Foundation Brush # 7 : Review


With a huge success of the duo fiber (skunk) brush MAC introduced almost a decade ago, many other cosmetic companies started pouring in with their own versions. With all looking the same (minor differences in the design of handle) there were some that made magnanimous hits while others flopped in desperation to keep upto the quality mark.
In a duo fiber brush I look at the following things:-
  • it should be soft and gentle on skin
  • it should be sturdy with a tight ferrule
  • it should shed less
  • it should clean properly without causing staining of the white fibers
  • it should be versatile for usages of creams, liquids and powders alike
Chanel no.07 brush ( 2650/- INR) Β is their version of the skunk duo fiber brush that adds another contender to the buffing and blending fever that we have. Being the newest addition to the revamped Chanel brushes it promises better functionality and amazing results. This brush tops at the criteria mentioned above and can be a keeper for all the newbies who do not own a MAC 187 brush ( 2750/- INR ) .
Like every luxurious Chanel brush, the buffing brush also comes in a black velvet pouch with Chanel logo on it. The brush is made in China but that does not affect the quality of the brush.
I was recommended this brush by Dr. NEERAJ of Beauty TravellerΒ  who got this brush for one of his celeb clients and hasn’t looked back again.
BRUSH – Price : 2650/- INR
It comes with a sturdy black rich look handle with Chanel embossed on it. It is mentioned as ‘Foundation/Powder’ over the brush to give the exact description of its usage. The ferrule is steel and packs on fibers tightly.
The duo fiber brush has white synthetic taklon fibers and black natural goat hair which assist each other in spreading and blending the products for a seamless and flawless application. Chanel also claims that these brushes haven’t been cut after production and retain the fibers just the way they were desgined. This means that the brushes are not pointy and rough and retain their smoothness even after a transition from several washes and usages.
Being similar to the famous MAC 187 in shape, the bristles are tightly held in proximity to each other. Even after wetting the brush it does retain its poker straight shape and not become lopsided. It shed just 2 hair on first washing which is a very good thing considering the history of shedding of other buffer brushes. Plus on washing with shampoo and water it retained the same pristine white color it came in. I presume that would be the pleasure for a couple of uses after which it will appear a bit yellow or peach colored depending on what products I use with the brush.
  • for application of primer and moisturizer. These products spread better and absorb uniformly in the skin.
  • for application of a liquid foundation by dotting the foundation on entire face and then buffing it in with swirling motions.
  • for application of cream and stick foundation with same method
  • can be used for stippling the products (especially for people with dry skin)
  • for application of cream and liquid blushers and bronzers as it results in a seamless and glowing complexion
  • for application of loose and press powders, blushers and bronzers
  • for applying finishing touches to the overall makeup
I loved this brush as it does everything and would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to look good and save time on application of makeup.
I recommend cleaning the brush immediately after purchase in order to free it from all chemical treatments it must have gone through. A decent shampoo helps cleaning it wonderfully although I prefer using herbal or anti-hairfall shampoos that help retain the texture of the bristles. I would advice frequent cleaning with a spray on cleanser to help it maintain the suppleness and also the color of the bristles.
In the first wash it did not throw out any dye or color which is a positive sign in regards to the quality of the brush.



I strongly recommend this brush to be a keeper and a great competitor for MAC 187 brush with more of merits.
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    • rashmi says:

      bachoooo ( baby ) you are soooo young re … see am 34 and nowwwww purchased this πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ there are so many good things in life besides makeup and brushes and i know you are enjoying them πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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