Happy Nails of the Day with FACES TANGERINE


I picked this shade from FACES counter in Phoenix market city long back as I wanted a shade more or less like MAC MORANGE NAIL POLISH from Fashion Sets Collection ( 1000/- INR ) and as the color was there on my nails it was easy to see the difference. This was pretty much like MAC orange shade ( this is quite bright actually ) and hence I picked this without giving a second thought. I have tried MAC nail polish in past ( just in stores ) and have seen so many bloggers complaining about the chipping so this was easy choice at ¼ the price. The other shade which I picked with this was – CORAL PINK (great dupe for MAC IMPASSIONED Nail poilsh)

Tangerine ( 199/- INR or 499/- for 3 ) as the name says is bright eye catching Orange shade with creamy finish. I am really bad at nail polish description so if you have better word please describe it. One of the most beautiful shade of orange and I am so sure you will love the color in person even more. IT goes opaque in 2 coats and doesn’t chip for 4 – 5 days without a top coat. I am not a manicure person so if you find the application not up to the mark please ignore.


I am so in love with these … going to buy some more , I am the last person on earth to buy nail polish but FACES nail polish are something I can’t resist .

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