BENEFIT Slant Powder Brush : Review

best bronzer brush

A uniquely angled, natural-bristle brush that delivers just the right amount of powder. Nothing more, nothing less. Applies both blush and allover face powder expertly and evenly.

How to Apply :

Using the wide, flat side, sweep powder color onto the apples of your cheeks. Stroke up toward temples. With the slanted, thinner side, blend a deeper shade of powder into the hollows of your cheeks for the illusion of instantly sculpted cheekbones.

Price : $ 22 + Tax or 1300/- INR . I purchased mine from here for 1150/- INR .

I picked this in a whim some time back and as I see this every now and then on I thought of sharing a quick review for this small wonder. It is multi-purpose brush: can be used for blush as well as bronzer. However, I still prefer my MAC 116 for BLUSH APPLICATION but for a soft wash of bronzer this is just fine due to angled shape.

I have been using this for over 4 – 5 months and have no issues with shedding of hair or firmness of brush. It is still intact and in good shape. I do regular cleanng of my brush to increase their shef life and this has been so good in perfomring for which it is designed for . If you are on budget and want a multi-tasker brush then don’t think twice and get this.

For blush I prefer little rounded ones rather than flat brush but for bronzer application a shape like this is just fine and gives precise application with natural hair which are densely packed .

The size of the brush is not ideal however it is great for travelling and I much prefer carrying this along rather my MAC ones. It is not even the size of my palm which is not very ideal if you notice but for the price tag it is worth it.

On scale of 1 – 10, I would give this 8 +: It is not one of the perfect brushes for blush + bronzer but it is great brush overall, with good quality and travel friendly size.

I have used this here to apply bronzer ,

bronzer blush


benefit slant brush

slant brush for bronzer

Do share your favorite BRUSH to APPLY BRONZER .

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    • rashmi says:

      for powder brush … 150 from MAC is awesome dear 😀 i dont know the price though 🙁
      and yeahhhhh your wish list is even more intersting 😀

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