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best blush for indian skin tone

I have created a one stop post for NARS and MAC BLUSHES and now am penning down some more “GALLERY” post for the stuff I adore and want you to keep track if there are any offers. The bigger and better GALLERY in the making.

To start with , here is a preview for MAC PRO BLUSH which I picked recently , I already shared Burnt Pepper with you few days back ( not REVIEW ) and here are rest of the three – Apple Red , Devil and Salsarose . I picked these without swatching and not at all regretting my purchase, however, I don’t need blush for next decade this is for sure.

Out of these 4 I am in love with DEVIL (hmmmm kuch toh gadbad hai?) and BURNT PEPPER. I am eying Cantaloupe (Rich Warm Cantaloupe) but it’s not available in India ,Just checked (while writing this post) and they did received it in 2nd consignment, asked them to keep one aside for me and keeping my fingers crossed. I did tried Rhubarb and Azalea but they failed to impress me, I already have some lovely pink / fuchsia blush and hence skipped the idea. But, if you are looking for good, pigmented blush then you must check these out. I would prefer MAC PRO Blush any day over their regular line. If you can, do give them a try.

best red blush


MAC PRO BLUSH: Size, 6 gms, Price $ 17 + Tax or 1150/- INR, available in 9 shades (alphabetical order):

Apple Red: Fire Engine Red (Satin finish)

Azalea: Bright Iridescent Blue Pink (Frost)

Burnt Pepper:  Warm Rich Terracotta (Matte)

Cantaloupe (Rich Warm Cantaloupe)

Devil: Bright Coral Orange (Satin)

Full Fuchsia: Bright Fuchsia (Frost)

Rhubarb: Bright Magenta (Satin)

Salsarose: Lightly Iridescent coral (Satin)

Taupe: Soft Beige Brown (Matte)

best blush for indian skin

I hope you liked the idea ? Do share if you have any fav PRO BLUSH or you are planning to pick any PRO BLUSH ?

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  1. kay says:

    I’m liking Salsarose n Devil! But honestly, I think I have more blushes than I can use in his lifetime!! I’ve started feeling guilty now!! :(

  2. isabelle says:

    Hi Rashmi,

    I love your site…
    Well out of all pro blushes I like DEVIL AND APPLE RED
    I am eying burnt pepper, Try Cantaloupe, I have it it’s good
    but not as dark so you’ll have to use more product if you want it to show up. But still good choice.
    Salsarose is almost the same as STUBBORN PRO LONGWEAR so I skept it. By By

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