MAC Korean Candy Sheen Supreme Lipstick : Review and FOTD

mac korean candy lipstick

You can read my reviews for the two shades I shared few months back here – MAC ZEN ROSE SHEEN SUPREME Lipstick and MAC INSANELY IT Sheen Supreme Lipstick , while I have 2 more shades to share with you in coming days , I  badlyyyyyy want these 2 shades .

I love Sheen Supreme formula ( 990/- INR for 3.6 gms ) and hence try to build my collection slowly . The shade am sharing today is KOREAN CANDY which is described as BRIGHT ORANGE RED . 

Lately I have been collection orange lip colour left, right and centre, still undecided if it suits me or not but nevertheless I keep buying and hoarding orange lipsticks and this one was bought without even trying. You can buy this shade at your nearest  MAC Stores  as these are added to permanent line and are priced as same as the regular ones so am sure you can even back to MAC these .

I will not stress out on review as same goes with each shade and you can read my previews reviews for the same. Korean Candy is bright and juicy shade of tangerine orange with strong red tones to it. It layers opaque in two swipes and manage to stay for 3 hrs with full glossiness on my lips and then there is minor fading and leaving a subtle tint. It does remind me REVLON LIP BUTTER Formula but LITTLE BETTER.

If you like to experiment with colours and textures, MAC SHEEN SUPREME are great option plus are not heavy on pocket. I do understand that investing 2 – 3 K on a shade like this is not advisable and hence highly recommends this.

mac korean candy


mac korean candy  sheen supreme lipstick





You have seen me HERE with MAC SONORAN RAIN LIPGLASS on top ( swatches above )

And this is how the lipstick looks on my NC 40 skin tone :






I hope you find the review helpful ?

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  1. Kay says:

    Im finally back online!

    Very pretty shade Rashmi! And looks gorgeous on you! Now I get why you are drawn (and drawing other too) towards Orange and Orange-reds….its coz you know it looks fab on you!!! 😉

    I’ve never looked at this line of MAC. I remember looking at Azalea from this while hunting for a subtle baby pink (the Kareena Kapoor kind of pink). I had tried St. Germain, Snob and Azalea – all looked equally horrible on me coz they were more cool purple tinted pinks. I will definitely check this colour when in MAC next!

    • rashmi says:

      its good to see you back Kay 😀 😀 hope things are settled down yaa …
      you know , when i was writing the post , i was about to mention the addiction i am spreading hahah but then thought .. nooooo hahaha 😀 😀
      am glad you liked this on me … you should share your top picks in same color family na 😀 😀
      do try this out dear

      • Kay says:

        In the same colour family…I think I still have Guerlain Genna on my mind…there is something intense about that colour….wont rest till i buy it kinds. But i LOOOOOVE the YSL Pur Couture – LE Orange is such a wearable orange and still a head turner. I think it would be my top pick followed by Givenchy Mandarin Bolero! These 2 leave the rest waaaaaay behind! If you want 1 orange in your kitty, Le Orange it is!

        • rashmi says:

          OMGGGG ! dont remind me GUERLAIN one hahah 😀 😀 my god i will die thinking about this comment hahah 😀 😀

          you musttttt try CHANEL COROMANDLE honey :d how stunning it can look is beyond imagination 😀
          and le orange is def. going to be my next purchase … i didnt liked it much when i first tried it but then it was bang on spot on when i saw it next time hahah 😀 😀
          i need to pick alllll the possible colors in this color family :d
          BANG is next in my list ahhaha 😀 😀

          • Kay says:

            Missed one more…which should be on your list….Guerlain Gipsy…its a pretty warm orange with shimmer….not too dark, not too intense…like a more wearable colour. Try it next time you go to Guerlain….else, there are 2 pieces kept aside for you in mumbai – one at Parcos and one at SS!!

          • rashmi says:

            ahhahah and see both the shades i was lusting for more then 2 – 3 months and you already have this 🙁

            🙁 🙁
            haahha i dooo want this 😀 : D my god .. kayyyy so much to buy and so little timeeee haahha 😀 😀

            ohh and we dont have Rouge G’s here in Bangalore you knowww 🙁

  2. Kay says:

    I have these coz u got me started on oranges. else I had tried Morange, Neon Orange and LAdy Danger and said – NOT MY CUP OF TEA!!

    I didnt know u didnt have ROuge G at Bangalore! So take a shopping trip to Mumbai and pick this up. Its anyways kept aside for you! 🙂

    • rashmi says:

      hahahah you mustttt try MAC SO SHAUD then 😀 😀 it is ohhhh sooo gorgeous honey 😀 😀
      just when i read your comment i immed. asked hubby , come lets go to Mumbai in OCT hahaha 😀 😀
      am eagerly waiting for gypsy you knowww

      • Kay says:

        I picked So Chaud when the other 3 failed on me miserably! But haven’t worn it! N dont know when i will coz i’m loving YSL so much right now!!

        This time you come to Mumbai, you have to meet me else I tell all Guerlain counters not to sell Gipsy to you!! Ha ha Ha!!!

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