Makeup Look : Bring on the Shimmer !

Ah, recent addiction – Shimmer and Bling and all thanks to Dr. Neeraj, he added some stars and what not in his recent eye looks and I was bowled over with that. I am nowhere near his creative level and still address him guru ji , but here is little something I did today and want to dedicate this to all the tutorials he is sharing with us HERE   .

shimmery purple eye makeup 013

And this is how the look turned up :


Here is step by step for the look :

A closer look at the colors used :

shimmery purple eye makeup 015

Applied Elizabeth Arden eye fix primer all over the lids, Apply MUFE # 92 eyeshaodw on outer half of the lids, Blend in MUFE # 49 eye shadow in the crease, Apply MUFE 161 eye shadow above crease colour, Apply Pink eyeshade from MUFE TRES VICHY Collection on inner half of the lids and the white eye shadow from same collection on brow bone to highlight. Finish with MAC FELINE KOHL on lower water line and lash line and LANCOME Art liner on upper lash line with YSL Mascara. This was the complete look BUTTT


Then I added MUFE DIAMOND POWDER 01 all over the lids with wet brush and see the difference in below pictures





On cheeks : GUERLAIN TERRACOTTA # 4 Bronzer ,

On Lips : Prep with rosebud salve , GIVENCHY # 303 Le rouge in Corail Decollete and MUFE LAB SHINE Diamond Collection lip gloss

shimmery purple eye makeup 006

On Face : My trusted old favorites

shimmery purple eye makeup 002

And here is finished look :





I hope you liked the look ?

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  1. Harita says:

    U look fabulous ! I truly believe u are as good as a professional makeup artist. All your looks are so wearable never over the top.

          • Harita says:

            I don’t expect u to respond immediately Rashmi. We are all busy. I am always amazed that u spend so much time to help fellow makeup lovers.
            I have started using airtel dongle when we have internet issues. I am an Internet addict and since the kids are in higher grades, they always need Internet for homework.

          • rashmi says:

            thats so sweet of you to say dear 😀 😀 it was alll mess yest .. 🙁 🙁
            just today hubby asked can we opt for another internet service but as i upload too much i am okay with this 😀 😀

  2. tapaswini says:

    I have never been confident of purple eye makeup, i alws feel, its may be looing OTT on me, but after seeing ur makeup I am inspired to try eye look with purple shadows, u r looking amazing as usual, am sooo loving the final look of urs.

  3. Kay says:

    I totally agree with Harita, you look younger now than when you started the blog!! 😉

    Your skin is looking beautiful and healthy. On a serious note – pls do share your skin care routine through a blog post. Seeing your pics everyday makes me realize that makeup aside, there is no replacement for a healthy clean clean glowing skin. I know I need help in that department…so asking you to help me and others.

    The Look has turned out beautiful…the eyes are stunning and the lip shade though a winner in itself does not detract from the eyes! As to the lip shade….I am grinning and dancing…u know why!!

    On your advise, I checked Guerlain TErracotta…#4 is slightly pink toned. #3 & #5 are more yellow toned. I tried #3…it gave just a hint of healthy colour. #5 was clearly visible but the texture is so beautiful that it was easy to blend out. Confused as to which to pick…? ANy suggestions?

    You are looking beautiful Gurrrl!

    • rashmi says:

      ahhaha Kayy 🙂 thank you so much for appreciating the look yaa 😀 😀
      no magic and secret here 😀 although i will update my skin care routine i do need to buy good luxury skin care from next year 😀 😀 zeroing some stuff and see what all i can get hahah 😀 😀
      and i knowww whyyy you loved the lips *** same pinch
      i have pink tones in my skin as Neeraj says some times so # 4 is still OKAYYY if not great :d
      i may try the other shades next time but yeah like you said # 3 and 5 should be fine
      do try with good base makeup else there is no point yaa

      apply good foundation ( which you use ) then go to parcos , try both on your cheeks and then take pics and take pics in evening as well
      then may be you will have an idea …
      and if you are okay , take your brush along … which you are use to for applying bronzer 😀 😀

      and thank you soooo much once again for compliments 🙂 🙂

      • Kay says:

        Eagerly await your post covering your skincare routine!!! I might just hold my breath! 😉

        Same pinch but STILL IN TRANSIT!!! I could cry!!!

        Thanks for the tips on trying out the bronzer – will do that. Good idea t take photos. Wish I could take the brush but doent have a good one yet…using a B&D one!! 🙁

        Tell me something, is there a price diff in MAC between here and Thailand?? The conversion currently stands at 2.1! 🙁

        • Kay says:

          And you are actually making me think of breaking my non-drugstore rule….for Bourjois healthy mix….let me see if they can perform shade match!!

        • rashmi says:

          hahahha yeah am gonna share nothing impressive though haha 😀 😀
          ohh , i just randomly mentioned brush thing .. you should be fine with their also 😀 😀

          hmmm thailand .. if am not wrong its cheaper here in India .. but still need to confirm ..

          • Kay says:

            I checked online, its definitely “cheaper” (that term is soooooo relative) in India!!

            Your skincare routine is not impressive to you coz its routine. However, its effects are impressive for us! 🙂

  4. Kay says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG!!! Just saw your blog and this post being mentioned on Temptalia!!! This is soooooo awesome! So proud of you Rashmi!! You must be so excited to be on your Mentor’s blog! Way to go Gurrrrl!! XOX

    • rashmi says:

      it is “oh my myyyyyyy” moment for me Kay 😀 i forgot am 35 odd lady … seriously feeling like a five yr old kid who won a race ( okayy what if the kid won bronze and not silver or gold) ahhaha 😀 😀
      it is a medal for me 😀 😀 it was dream for me and alllll the efforts paid off 😀 😀 my god , am sounding so stupid 🙁
      but am happyyyy and thank you sooo much for all the wishes kay 😀 😀

  5. Sweta says:

    Hi Rashmi

    I read ur blog regularly..really enjoy it..its my first comment…I just thought of congratulating you coz you are featured on temptalia..really an accomplishment…keep it up..!!

    • rashmi says:

      thank you so much Sweta for lovely words and appreciating my work 😀 😀 do stay around and feel free to suggest if you want me to improve somewhere 😀 😀
      i am sooooo happy and still thinking it was a dream 😀 thank you for the wishes yaaa

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