MAC Pro Blush Burnt Pepper : Review and FOTD

mac burnt pepper blush review

There were days when I use to post back to back MAC REVIEWS and trust me it was so annoying for some readers and then suddenly I stopped and shifted my focus to different brands, it was breath of fresh air for me and for lot of you, this is what I think. Although , if you look closely in my stash you will realise , I haven’t reviewed half of the stuff and hence I guess it is high time to get back to reviewing MAC on daily basis , or if not that much , 3 – 4 times a week , even if not reviewing , using / incorporating them in looks regularly  .

Kick starting the week, I will be doing PRO STUFF reviews first and then will compile one post for easy reference, I hope you find this helpful?

I was in MAC PRO STORE last week and realized most of the famous stuff was out of stock, how I wish I could grab all the pro stuff but now am little more wise and pick things with so much care. IF not all , I highly recommend you to pick MAC PRO BLUSHES, chuck the one you have from permanent range … the pro blushes are superb and gorgeous in every possible way. You have already read my reviews for DEVIL and  SALSAROSE Blush and now here is another PRO BLUSH – BURNT PEPPER.

Burnt Pepper is described as Warm Rich Terracotta with matte finish; CHECKOUT the closest dupe of this blush HERE but with different finish. Burnt pepper as the description says is rusty reddish peachy brown shade with warm tones to it , absolutely fabulous to look at and as it is matte it is great for all skin types .

As all pro blushes, this one is also super soft and gorgeously pigmented, you really need to pay a lot of attention while applying this, and I highly recommend FAN BRUSH like this for all PRO BLUSH. They are not forgiving and hence just touch the brush and tap off excess on your arm or else you will end up with messy patch on your face.

On scale of 1 – 10, I would give this same Puurfectttttt 10 ( all PRO BLUSHES are bang on 10 on 10 ) – they are great and will work wonderfully on our warm skin tone, you really don’t need 42598045789745 blushes but all PRO BLUSHES are must have. They are pocket friendly, long wearing, perfect balance of colour, super soft creamy texture which is easy to blend.

I have posted a PREVIEW of this HERE long back and HERE as well .

mac pro burnt pepper blush


mac burnt pepper blush


mac burnt pepper blush swatch

And this is how the blush looks on my NC 40 skin tone , I have KIEHL’s BB cream in NATURAL on my face with MAC Select cover up concealer in NC 42  : You have seen me in this blush HERE as well but along with BRONZER





I hope you find the review helpful ?

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    • rashmi says:

      ahhhaha RRRRR rashmi 😀 😀 thank you soo much dear for kind words and appreciating my collection 😀 really glad you liked this yaa … it is beautifullll color and especially for fall

  1. Kay says:

    I’ve been eyeing this one since the first time you mentioned it on the blog. Looks like a really gorgeous colour! ANd whats even more gorgeous is what you have on your lips – whats that Gurrl!!

    ANd also await your review on the BB cream. Looks as good as a foundation yaar! Is it as great as its hyped up to be?

    • rashmi says:

      thank you soooo much Kay for appreciating 😀 😀 yeahh i rem you liked this 😀 😀 on my lips its GIVENCHY 307 with MAC Cult of Cherry lipglass 😀 😀
      really glad you liked the combination yaa …
      so far i liked BB cream , i only have samples to try , not sure if i want to buy it or not … is it very famous ? have no idea yaa ….
      may be from USA when there is offer i may want to buy , in India its 3.5 K i guess

  2. Harita says:

    I love to see mac reviews Rashmi. Keep them coming. The blush looks great on you. The BB cream looks great too. Where did u purchase it, will u be writing a review for it? So far I liked only Dior Hydra life BB cream.What are u wearing on your lips? Looks super Hot. Sometimes, I feel I bombard you with too many questions in every post. 🙂

    • rashmi says:

      am sooo glad you liked everything in this post yaa 😀 😀 and nooo love to hear the questions yaa … 😀 😀 the blush is perfect for our skin tone i guess , I only have BB cream samples yaa … i guess it is 3 K in India and you can get it in ORION MALL … yeahhh ahahha where we get GIVENCHY , that mall ….
      On my lips , I have GIVENCHY LE ROUGE # 307 with MAC Cult of Cherry Lipglass
      … shall post reviews dear 😀 😀
      i really loved the BB cream , I have 2 – 3 samples which will last me for 10 – 15 days … if possible i may pick that up or CLinique CC cream which is more affordable 😀

    • rashmi says:

      thank you so much dear for appreciating the color and how it looks on me 😀 😀
      i only have sample of it and so far liking it but the smell is so annoying yaa …. i dont know if i can pick the full size

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