OPI Presents Two New Revolutionary Nail Products

o.p.i. nail polish india
Headrush Marketing which represents some of the leading beauty brands, brings to India two new revolutionary nail products from OPI, which are available at all Juice Salons & Nailbars : OPI Nail Envy and OPI Chip Skip, both of these guarantee that your glamorous nails last even longer!


opi nail polish india



Opi Nail Envy 

opi nail polish

This is the perfect basecoat for me, and my favorite that I have used so far. This doesn’t even take into account the fact that it is also an awesome nail strengthener, ridge filler and surface smoother, plus it has a pretty, shiny finish.

  • Best Use – Nail Treatment and Basecoat
  • Description – Nail strengthener or hardener, intended to “provide maximum strengthening with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium for harder, stronger, natural nails! Ideal for weak, damaged nails.”
  • Formula – Medium consistency that is super easy to work with and spreads out easily and evenly over the nail bed
    • Color – Clear, shiny finish like shown in the picture above. NOT true to bottle. OPI also makes a matte version which I have not tried yet.
  • Dry Time – 5 minutes to none-tacky/15 minutes to dry (one coat)
  • Durability – Lasts a long time, just two coats alone will stay on without chipping longer than 7 days. However, if you follow the directions and keep layering it on, you shouldn’t notice any chipping or wear.
Price: Rs 1355
OPI’s Chip Skip
opi nail paint india
This is a  product that you would use in addition to a base coat, not instead of it. It works by dehydrating the surface of your nails, absorbing any surface moisture or surface oils. By eliminating that layer of moisture or oil, it lets your nail polish really adhere to your nails and stops your nail polish from chipping easily.
 The consistency is liquid, as runny as water, but it dries instantly, you can watch it do this within seconds.
All you do is paint it onto your nails, you don’t even need to be careful with application as there is nothing to clean up, and then straight away you can apply your favourite base coat.
Price: Rs 1036


Available at leading salons and Beauty stores.  Also available at Juice Salons :-Khar: 26045317, Colaba: 22151109, Vashi: 67934581, Santacruz: 26480079, Pune Hotel Marriott: 65003936.


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