Sisley Phyto Lip Shine # 6 Sheer Burgundy : on my lips today

sisley lipstick india

Phyto-Lip Shine
A glossy, ultra-luminous treatment lipstick: more colour than lip gloss, more shine than lipstick.
Creamy, imperceptible and ultra-comfortable, the texture of Sisley’s Phyto-Lip Shine is both extremely light and nourishing, with a treatment formula combining both intense gloss and absolute softness.

  • Kokum and Mango butters help to hydrate, protect and provide comfort ,
  • Film-forming polymers, shiny and sheer, help to smooth the lips, with a contouring and plumping effect.
  • Sugar esters provide softness, comfort and shine.

Results :
Lips are softened, hydrated (+ 31% of hydration within 30 mn) and protected from environmental damage.. Dry lips are soothed and repaired.

Beauty Tips :
Phyto-Lip Shine applies directly to the lips, which can first be lined with a matching Phyto-Lèvres Gloss if required. It can be used alone, for a sheer wash of colour all over the lips, or on top of a Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick for added volume and shine

Active Ingredients:

  • Kokum : nourishes, protects, repairs
  • Mango: soothes

Size – 3 gms Price – $ 50 + TAX or  2900/- INR I bought this from HERE for 800/- Approx – AFFILIATE LINK

A quick review and lips of the day, when I shared a preview for this Sisley lipstick most of you wanted to see the shade on my lips. # 6 Sheer Burgundy is true to its name – it is sheer and is cool toned burgundy shade which is soft on eyes and for skin tone like mine it is more or less my lips but better kind of color , it needs a lot of layering to show up on my lips.

The texture is very light weight and feels silk on lips, in single swipe it appears just a stain however if you layer it more it is semi opaque. If you love lip-gloss and tired of stickiness and messy feel , then this might interest you, it looks like a lip-gloss and is a lipstick, not very long staying but still manage to stay for 1 – 1 ½ hrs. Once it wears off, my lips feel very moisturized and soft, it very hydrating although doesn’t leave any stain behind .

It is not full blown on review as am not at all convinced with the lip colour and there are very rare occasions when I post reviews for bummers but this I felt was much needed as this pops up at once a month and if you are experimental like me , you may end up picking this up . I picked this for 700 – 800 INR which is more or less $ 15, originally the price is 2900/- in Indian Stores.

Sisley was launched sometime last year if am not wrong or may be this year but there were neither promotions by the brand nor any marketing. Once I asked some samples to try out from SA here in PARCOS BANGALROE and she completely refused, that pretty much clears that brand was not at all interested in any promotions. That made me little more curious and when the lipstick was available for purchase on huge discount at I just picked it without reading any reviews.  I have only tried this lipstick but my friend Dr. Neeraj raves their mascara a lot, I hope to try one someday.

I can go on and on and on about packaging, it speaks pure luxury, from sleek engraved tube to red velvet sleeve it is packed in – I was blown away and still feel this is the only thing which will always keep me curious to try their intense lipstick range.

On Scale of 1 – 10, I would give this 7 – The texture is great, it glides easily but is very sheer and not buildable to some extent. I liked the shade but not the staying power at this price point. If you happen to get this at price I picked it is not bad but at 3K it is not worth at all.

sisley lipstick

sisley lipstick india review


sisley lipstick review india


sisley lipstick review

And here is how the color looks on my lips :


I hope you find the post helpful ?

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  1. tapaswini says:

    i didnt quit like the look of it but it looks sooooooo good on ur lips, i wany such a shade now, u got this at a great deal,3000 for 3 grams, omg, it pinches hard

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