What it is:
A revolutionary new lip product that combines the texture and shine of a gloss with the long wear of a stain.

What it does:
Coat your lips with this lip color that offers a lightweight texture, which immediately melts onto lips. Glossy Stain delivers intense glossy color for an extremely long-lasting shine. 

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
The applicator’s unique slanted tip and short soft bristles allow for flawless application with perfect precision.

Size – 6 ml , Price – 2200/- INR or $ 34 + Tax , I bought two of these from HERE – AFFILIATE LINK

Something’s are meant to be discovered at right time and this is what happened with these YSL glossy stains, they are not new in market but I was not convinced with the reviews on blogosphere plus when I tried these in store with “lip brush” provided by SA it looked HORRIBLE on me and I knew am going to pass it.

But, you are seeing 3 stains here, so what made me hoard them? SOS, a crazy discussion with “C.K.” (Crazy Kay) and some lovely swatches by a fellow blogger friend and I picked my first stain online thinking let’s give it a shot. IT was a blind purchase for me but the moment I tried my first one I saw myself ordering the second one which I zeroed with enough browsing.

There are so many reviews online to convince you so I will not repeat them again, just my two cents:

Some shades have fine micro shimmer while some are flat, there is no visible difference in consistency of these, overall they are great and holds up to the claims – Glossy and Long Staying. Layers semi opaque in single swipe however can be completely opaque in two layers and stays for pretty long time without bleeding or fading unevenly .This texture is easy to work with and is very light weight, not as sticky as a classy gloss but still there is enough stickiness which makes them stay on lips .Staying power is amazing and they manage to stay whole day on my lips while the glossiness fades in 2 – 3 hrs. As they are stain it is very much obvious. The smell is very annoying but it does fades in few minutes, not a big deal for a gem like this.

The packaging is great and you see the shade from a clear window provided on both the sides, the wand is little tilted and curved which makes it reach to every corner of lips and giving them a perfect shape.

# 8 Orange de Chine :

The name says it all, it is ORANGE and is very vibrant and in your face shade, you really need to try it in store before you buy this. There is slight golden sheen shimmer to it which makes it more warm toned .




# 9 Rouge Laque : 

As a safer bet , the first one I picked was # 9 Rouge: which is described as “ROUGE LAQUE “, it is bright warm toned cherry red shade with no shimmer or glitter which is visible, a sucker for red it was obvious and safer choice for me.




# 13 Rose Tempura – 

Is medium to dark Cool Toned Fuchsia Pink shade with Silver shimmer , it looks absolutely gorgeous and lush on my lips due to high shimmer content .




Collective swatches for you :


Overall – They are great picks if you are looking for long lasting glossy stains and are convinced with the price tag. I may not buy more as these are pretty much I would require, I absolutely love them on their own and equally love to pair these with lip pencils.

I shall post FOTD’s with # 8 and # 13 soon; here are quick lips of the day with # 9.

Bare Lips – Upper Left

Single Layer – Lower Left

Two Layers – Right side


I hope you liked the colors shared here ? Do share your favorite Glossy Stain .

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    • rashmi says:

      heyyy Lipika thank you so much for appreciating the swatches 😀 😀
      seriouslyyyy you own every single color ?
      no wonder dear 🙂 i am resisting so much still have my eyes on # 11 and # 7 ahahha
      i mail you and ask you suggestions for YSL rouge volupte …

    • rashmi says:

      they are more or less same … i dont think you need both … i myself would have preferred loreal ones if they are easily avlb. here 😀 😀
      glad you liked it on me shivuu

  1. Crazy Kay says:

    YAY for YSL Glossy Stains!! Im so happy I was able to convince you to give these a second chance and even happier to have kept insisting for you to pick no.9! It was my first too and is a gorgeous shade! You are really truly rocking it.

    I do believe that the darker colours look more vibrant in this formula. I have 4 of these and loving them!

    • rashmi says:

      hahaha yeahhh you did convinced me to pick one of these 😀 😀 am not getting anymore 🙁 chanting continuously hahahha
      really glad you liked the shade on me kay 😀

  2. Roopa says:


    I almost flipped. Hv 9 and 13 as well. And love them! But they take a helluva time to figure out!

    Good stuff BTW!

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