This is what I ended up picking !

This year started on a happy note when hubby boarded the flight to US and on his way back home he got my stuff which I hoarded for past 6 months. I was least excited to do a “HAUL POST” as some stuff looked like so old / out dated. But, for the first time, my stuff reached me within 1 month of shopping – SEPHORA F & F sale and here I am sharing with you what all I picked. I need to first say a big thank you to lovelyyy Lipika  for providing me discount code , thank you sooo much dear and also want to make a special mention of a friend who wrote endless comments on  “SEPHORA “ FB page so that she can pass on code to me , I was so touched with her gesture .


All the reviews on my trusted blog helped me pick these but I haven’t tried these , will share the reviews in coming days. I must post swatches first and then review or may be quick FOTD’s for you to have an idea, how it looks on warm Indian skin tone.

Diorific – Lipstick MINUIT which I saw on Christine and the nail polish was recommended to me by dear friend .


URBAN DECAY Vice 2- I missed Vice 1 and almost skipped this but glad at last moment I was able to buy it . It is still available online .



I picked CRAZY Meteorites Pressed Powder as it was recommended to me by Christine , thank you so much Neeraj for picking these up for me and lovely and bubbly Jigisha for our endless continuous chats about GUERLAIN , my list is increasing day by day and your vast knowledge is helping me pick the best as we share the same skin type  .


Do tell me which one excited you the most ?

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  1. Jigisha says:

    Hahahhahha….i saw the guerlain products much before u did…awsome stuff u got. Glad to knw our tastes match so much..

    • rashmi says:

      Hey Shayoni 🙂 they are avlb. in India but the last collection – marilyn 😀 the one I picked is MINUIT and she also said that they are identical 😀
      will post a review and swatch

  2. Kay says:


    Lemme recover!!! Awesome Rash!!! So excited! Almost as excited as if it was my own haul – emphasis on “almost”!! LOL!!! Very excited about your Sephora haul – wanna know exactly how good/great is Boxum and UD lippies!! And which Le Rouges did you finally get? And I really really wanna know how the Crazy Meteorites work for you? Meteorite voyage did nothing for me – so really really curious about this product category. And await update on both the Chanel and the Guerlain foundations! I so loved their BB cream, wish the shade had matched! Guerlain shade selection is atrocious!

    • rashmi says:

      KAY !!! you did some major hauling too some time back ahem ahem 😀 😀 Shu and all
      i may post swatches first … in one go i guess
      would be easy for me to post FOTD’s later and then link the swatch post 😀 this sounds fine for now i guess
      i picked LE Givenchy le rouge
      the golden black packaging
      def posting foundation reviews as well 😀

  3. Neeraj says:

    Suchhhhaaa beeaaaauuuttttiiifffuuulllll HAUL!! These are some of the bestest products you have taken and trust me each and every product is worth every penny spent…thank god u took the Vice 2 palette…u missed on the Vice one…What fabulous DIOR polishes and my Guerlain…how could we miss Guerlain…

    Lovely lovely….I am happy beyond everyone and all because I know how much you value the products and how much we all love ourselves and these beautiful brands…
    Neeraj recently posted..GIVEAWAY : Instagram !!!!

    • rashmi says:

      Thank you sooo much Neeraj for all the knowledge you shared with me 😀 really glad you helped me pick the best of the rest 😀
      so happy to pick UD vice 2 😀

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