New Additions in my Stash !

handmade soap

Here are some recent purchases and gifts in my stash and the first one to share with you is from GIA BATH AND BODY WORKS, I shopped from my friend Gayatri around Women’s day but unfortunately most of the soaps were in Mumbai and I recently picked them . These handmade soaps are awesome, beyond awesome I must say and you can see her popularity on her Facebook Page HERE

I picked 7 soaps and 2 shower gels and was pleasantly surprised to see 2 additional products in my parcel along with handwritten note and a pair of earrings. I will share my reviews soon but I would like to say that am hooked!

handmade soaps

Next is, Kryolan products which I picked in last week of MARCH, the gel liners are PR samples but I have some more stuff to show you in coming posts.

kryolan india

Last but not the least, my B’day gift “from hubby” which i picked from arrived today and I already tried three lip shades. I have again fallen in love with Giorgio Armani lip maestro and waiting for next sale to pick the remaining shades.

giorgio armani

I may be little slow in posting but trust me you will love the colours and products I picked. I have one thought to share with you: if you can’t make someone happy why bother to give them unnecessary tensions, it’s a virtual world and we all should respect each other’s work and not degrade them.

There is a small “X” button on top of browser: right hand side, if you don’t like my pictures / swatches or grammar then please press that. 

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  1. Hope you had a great b’day Rashmi! Lots of love and best wishes! Waiting eagerly for your posts on your haul 🙂
    And your disclaimer made me smile, I always believe that if someone doesn’t have anything nice to say, it’s better they say nothing at all. We love your work Rashmi, don’t worry about the distractors 😉

    • rashmi says:

      thank you so much dear for lovely words 🙂 i had a quite b’day …
      my granny passed away a week before and my dad was not keeping well .. so nothing special 🙂 was with mom dad n son and spent a quite day 😀

      yaaaaaaa the disclaimer was much needed .. i am always so soft with my replies and try to maintain the warmth but still some readers fail to understand this

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