MUST have MAC Lipsticks for Medium to Dark Skin tone : My take

best mac lipstick for indian skin tone

No , this is not my current stash of MAC lipsticks , have tried even more than these : 125 – 130 approximately , but , now I try to squeeze them as much as possible and try to maintain a balanced box of some 70 – 75 lipsticks which is there in picture below .

best mac lipstick for olive skin tone

Here is what I currently own; looks less but trust me this is really all I need as it covers almost every spectrum of colour and now I feel the LE shades are so repetitive. I still maintain rather than buying LE shade these MAC CLASSICS are worth a try if you are somewhere between NC 35 – 45 , I am NC 40 – 42 in MAC and all the shades look pretty much good on me without much efforts .

MAC Lipsticks comes in different finish and I am sure you all are aware about that, my favourite amongst the 8 – MATTE, Amplified and SATIN. There are so many shades to list down but as I mentioned above these will go pretty well and effortlessly, in the end of post I will add some more shades for easy reference, you can click on shade for the review and swatch.

best mac lipsticks


best mac red lipstick


best red lipstick

First, RED’s and there is only one RED Lipstick when you talk about MAC – RUBY WOO, I am listing my ultimate favourites:

RUBY WOO  – Very matte blue based Red, looks flawless on slightly cooler tones better but nevertheless warmer skin tones can also rock this hard.

MAC RUBY WOO Lipstick Review and FOTD

RUSSIAN RED – No price for guessing, it’s my first RED and hubby’s favourite plus it does looks flattering on my warm skin tone, not as blue based and retro matte as RUBY WOO and hence this cool toned shade blends in easily without look out of the place.

Look with MAC RUSSIAN RED Lipstick

DUBONNET – Now I had to pick one maroon red amongst Dark Side, Viva Glam 1 and Dubonnet and I picked Dubonnet as it has right balance of Red and Brown.


CHILLI – A reddish brown shade and looks dazzling with or without makeup, if you love orange but afraid to try then this ia a safer bet.

MAC CHILLI Lipstick Review and LOTD

best mac fuchsia lipstick


best fuchsia lipstick

After RED’s here is the turn for Pink , Plum and Berries:

REBEL – My first MAC and I have actually lost count to how many friends I suggested this and it is their favourite as well, it may look scary at first but trust me it is one of the most flattering shades on our skin tone.

MAC REBEL Lipstick Review and FOTD

GIRL ABOUT TOWN – A classic Fuchsia shade from MAC , a must must must have shade , they do have lighter shades of pink like Lustering and Speak louder but Bright is Always Right !


CRAVING – A plum shade is always a must in Indian girl’s vanity, amongst Plumful, Captive, Capricious and Amorous , I picked CRAVING for the brightness it adds and the finish.

MAC CRAVING Lipstick Review n FOTD

best brown lipstick


best orange lipstick

Last but not the least here are the shades which I love a lot –

Brick-o-la – A classic pinkish brown shade with awesome finish and very flattering on medium to dark skin tone.


MOCHA – Now who doesn’t like a neutral shade and this by far is very flattering on olive skin tone, rest I feel either too light or make me look too pale.

MAC MOCHA Lipstick Review and FOTD

LADY DANGER – The best shade reserved for the last , an orange and trust me MAC have amazing orange shades – Morange , So Chaud , Neon Orange , Dangerous and Lady Danger , this is reddish orange shade and doesn’t look too stark on my skin tone , can be worn as stain or full power packed .


I will post few more famous shades like – Crosswires , Impassioned , Vegas Volt , Angel , MAC Red , Hug me and Diva etc , in next post , guess these 10 are enough for now .

Don’t forget to share how you find the list and do you have your TOP 10 LIST?

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  1. Kay says:

    Good to see you back in action Rashmi!! Missed you here!

    I have very few MAC lip pies – just a handful – but the top ones for me would be Impassioned, Rebel (your recco and I absolutely love it), Vegas Volt, Love Forever, Lady at Play (love the shade but hate that it doesn’t stick around for long), Moxie (LE), Violetta, Candy Yum Yum.

  2. mily says:

    I have just 3 mac lipsticks and u r saying u have less 🙁 but it is so amazing to see u back rashmi…..:) awesome collection u have 🙂

  3. Sarika Sharma says:

    Hi rashmi!

    Thank you for this! I have started my mac lipstick collection and am obsessed! I want to add some more shades and wanted to ask your advice because I am stuck! Which would you choose between chili and brick o la? Both are in the must haves! I have ruby woo but there are days when you wear red but don’t wish to wear a bright red like ruby woo but a softer colour..

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