Blushes – Less is more!

A title post “LESS IS MORE” coming from me? I agree that I’m an impulse buyer and hoard things like there is no tomorrow, but trust me it is only when am convinced with the product and only after a lot of thought process I buy things. Just once I gambled when I picked 12 Estee Lauder lipsticks without even trying and luck favoured me and they all turned out to be one of the most used lipsticks in my stash and the love is growing stronger with each passing day. For Blushes, I would say that less is certainly more!

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I agree that once you start loving that “FLUSH OF COLOUR” on your cheeks you will not look back but I would say “Try different brands, textures, price range and then start to hoard”. A blush which looks good on your favourite blogger may not look good on you; REASON could be your colouring, undertones, skin texture and climatic conditions. If I need to pen down my Top 5 – 10 blushes, it would be:

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MAC Pro blushes (6 gm for 1500/- INR ) – After trying brands like – NARS , CHANEL , ILLAMASQUA , I’m saying that MAC PRO BLUSEHS are till date the best blush texture I tried – from price per oz to quality , ease of use and staying power , everything is laid so perfectly and this is “ONE” of the blush I really want you to buy . The shade election may not be as extensive as others but still there is something for everyone. Top Picks – EACH AND EVERY SHADE . MAC PRO GALLERY in the making

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NARS Blushes ( 2000/- INR )  – Don’t get me started on NARS Blushes , out of 20 shades I own most of them and guess am over with the obsession but having said that , “Given a chance” I would definitely pick a shade or two to my beautiful collection . Top picks for our skin tone – Taj Mahal, Taos, Torrid and Deep throatSEE the post NARS blushes all under one roof

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Hourglass Ambient Blush ( # 35 plus tax ) – When I first picked DIFFUSED HEAT out of 6 permanent line shades, I never knew I would end up having 5. It is totally unexpected and unnatural in my case as am very picky and also hardly hoards blushes. The texture is very forgiving on aging skin but if you are NC 42 and above there are not many options, just RADIANT MAGENTA is good else they are just too light IMO. Top Picks – DIFFUSED HEAT (read review )and RADIANT MAGENTA ( read review ).

Illamasque – I’m glad Illamasqua phase is over plus I guess they are not very productive these days and I already own so many of them. The best ones to pick are – Lover and Hussy. READ ILLAMASQUA Blushes under one roof HERE

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5. Chanel Joues Contraste ( 4 gms for 2850/- INR )  – The blush is easily available in India, comes in array of colours, texture is light weight; shimmery, easy to blend plus it is CHANEL! Top Picks – # 76 FRIVOLE and ACCENT # 84

NOW, here are another set of 5 blushes I would add if you ask me my TOP 10:


best blush for indian skin tone (8)


givenchy blush review


best blush for indian skin tone (7)


best blush for indian skin tone (3)

  1. Estee Lauder Powder Blush – I purchased 2 shades from US where I paid somewhere between 2 k or 1800/- each whereas in India they are priced at 2800/- if am not wrong. ESTEE LAUDER Pure Colour blush SIREN ( 6 gms for 2875/- INR ) and ESTEE LAUDER Naughty Pure Colour blush
  2. Givenchy blushes – I just tried one shade and from that I can see that it has really awesome texture plus is easily available in India. There may not be extensive shade selection but this is one such texture I would buy blindly “ if given a chance “and recommend to anyone who likes to try blush texture. GIVENCHY Le Prisme Blush Vintage Pink
  3. Burberry Beauty blush – Again as above, I tried just one but it is outstanding and that’s why I would want to pick more “IF GIVEN A CHANCE”. BURBERRY BEAUTY Hydrangea Pink blush Review ( 7 gms for $ 42 plus TAX )
  4. Clinique Cheek Pop (2150/- INR ) – So far so good, not must have but the price is really good for the quality apart from tacky packaging.
  5. The Balm In stain blushes ( 1200/- INR) – The quality is awesome and so is the price and limited shade selection, I love this range and highly recommend all the shades.


There are 5 brand/ Texture of Blushes  I’m dying to try – MUFE HD second skin ( I did place order today so hopefully by next month I will share my reviews ) , Tom Ford Blush , It Cosmetics , Milani and MUG plus on special recommendation of my dear friend Jigisha ,  LANCOME blushes .

And, if you ask me – How much is too much? I would say,

Blushes – Less is more!

Eye liners – don’t count, just collect!

Lipsticks – Don’t even bother to ask how many We need.

Highlighters – Buy less but creme de la crème!

Lip-gloss – I can’t ignore those shimmering sultry wet lips – keep them coming!

Foundations – 2 a year should be good.

Eye shadows – hmmm, still undecided.

And, last but not the least, what does “IF GIVEN A CHANCE” means?

Answer – This means that am whole heartedly ready to splurge on that particular product / brand / texture BUT after buying the above mentioned “WISH LIST” Blushes.

I hope you enjoyed the post; I love to hear from my readers like any normal blogger would do and also it is good to know if you agree or disagree with me, so pls keep the comments coming!

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  1. jigisha says:

    Lovely post.. I’d give nars frst number for Indian skin.. I also like surrat and by terry… Lancome is just awsome.

  2. Parita says:

    I want to try MAC Pro and Hourglass now…i agree that less is more for blushes..infact now I am not even attracted towards blushes anymore..and that is coz I have shades from all range except reds and oranges which anyways dont flatter my skin tone…the new urban decay ones are good..really buttery and intense pigmentation..MUG blushes are ok..didnt really like any shade..milani are really good especially for the price!
    Parita recently posted..YSL Rouge Volupte 03 Beige Ultimate

  3. Eesha says:

    Loved reading the post Rashmi.. Loved the collection of blushes … Superb, keep them coming.

    As for how many are too many.. for me lipsticks, eye shadows (all variants) and black eye eyeliner (all variants) be countless and then comes blush, my focus is more on collectibles to cherish forever. I am also obsessed with highlighters these days and collecting whatever that comes my way 😀
    Eesha recently posted..Two Miraculous Skin Care Products I am Hooked To!

  4. rachna says:

    i so want to get atleast one blush from hourglass…i wanted that palette but thats out of stock everywhere! u have got awesome collection!

  5. Divya says:

    I have the same two blushes from Hourglass and they are beautiful! I wish Chanel’s Accent was permanent so I could buy one! *sob* Lovely collection Rashmi!

    • rashmi says:

      Thank you so much Divya for appreciating the collection 😀 😀 really happy you liked it dear .. I so wish to own so many LE CHANEL blushes and one of them is Jercey

  6. Sravanthi says:

    Love this post, I always follow less is more for blushes, I think I have 10-15 blushes total, u shld try lancome love it, all my ones are very selective, but I try to bend towards pink blushes more, I never tried Mac, don’t know why, i like ysl blushes a lot, cream blushes, I want to try surratt, tom ford, by terry, illamsqa( but not easily available in U.S 🙁 ), the balm blushes( I know I should buy one first), love this post rashmi, but show us all ur blushes at a time in a single pic plz.

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