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No matter how hard I try to be regular, some or the other thing makes me sit back and I keep on finding new excuses not to work. I’m quite active on Instagram though and if you follow me regularly and have seen my holiday pics you must have noticed my regular base which is NARS and Urban Decay , trust me you … this is the best thing I tried last year and the love is growing even stronger with each passing day .

I feel my skin is behaving well these days with regular use of “GOOD” acids, mild exfoliation and hydration and hence needs a very light base to look “presentable” and that is when NARS tinted moisturiser comes in and if I use the 3 star products shown here the end results are even more wonderful .

A combination of above 3 makes me look like this:

Talking about NARS TM, I use it in shade St.Mortiz which I feel is good match for my NC 37 – 40 skin tones. It feels light weight and non greasy even on my oily skin and gives that even finish without being over the top. I don’t use any powder to set this , if am using concealer I do use some on targeted area but not all over the face . The tinted moisturiser gives me enough coverage and stays good for 7 – 8 hrs easily without fading unevenly.

Here is a before and after comparison ,  you can see how well my spots are covered with a layer of this , however under eye dark circles needs a little coverage and that is when NARS concealer comes in .

I use shade Ginger in NARS Radiant creamy concealer which again is feather light and spreads easily with light tapping but I feel a light dusting of NARS translucent crystal powder makes it last a little longer with no creasing and brighten up the under eyes .

With tinted moisturiser and After concealer and powder :


I hope you liked a small comparison post to show you before and after pics for easy reference. I highly recommend you to try the combination and am sure you will love the end results. Before signing off , I would like to mention that I use a lot of skincare and try to keep my skin in good shape and that is why the base glides on easily , everyone’s skin is different and climatic conditions too , so if something suits me does not guarantee the same results on you . I have done a lot of trial and error and this is what I find best for my skin at the moment.

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