Little updates and why am I not being active here?

Now even am sick and tired of giving explanations as I know my presence doesn’t matter much but since it’s my little space and I feel little responsible towards my readers and followers here is what I have been up to all this while .

I did last post in JULY where I promised to be back with reviews and regular posts but I was engrossed in something more important  …. weight loss and ever since was finding right time to make a comeback.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this phase and happy to share that I lost some 17 kgs since JUNE…. wohooooooooooooooooooooo…. still long way to go I would say.




The thing that really changed in all this while is –

The choice of FOOD – RIGHT / WRONG

The choice of clothes – OMG, so in love with what I wear and how it falls

The compliments I have been getting all this while – The biggest one came from my BIL , I can’t tell you how happy I Was when Bhaiya complimented me and the reason is that he hardly notices anything and coming from someone who is least bothered about his surroundings means a lot .. Thank you Bhaiya once again!








They are all not latest pics …. last one is in RED SAREE which I took on Karva Chauth – 19th Oct’16 .

I agree that there is still “A BIG ROOM” for improvement but am on right track I feel. Whenever I felt am losing motivation, I post about my weight loss on FB and it gives me little kick to focus more and get back to track.

Anyways, coming back to makeup…. I successfully stick to my makeup ban till OCT and finally gave up with HUDA BEAUTY ROSE GOLD Palette which my Super Gorgeous friend “LEKHA” picked for me from DUBAIThank you Girl!

I have actually lost interest in sitting front of mirror and doing my makeup , I do love makeup but these days skincare is my first and last priority and I shall be doing endless reviews as promised earlier and now I’m going to stick to it .

I would love to hear your lovely comments and suggestions and above all , constructive criticism is always welcome.

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  1. Wow, congrats on the weightloss! I need to drop the 4-5kg I put on thanks to all the cake from birthday parties. And now, there’s Christmas cake on the way LOL. I know what you mean by skincare priorities! I’m so, so diligent about it now (though I tend to skip a couple of days a month because of poor time management) and the results are showing. Do post soon – and regularly!
    CosmetopiaDigest recently posted..Holiday 2016 Gift Guide: Best 10 Beauty Advent Calendars That Ship Worldwide

  2. Taps says:

    You are looking amazing, getting younger day by day, god bless, you look soooo pretty in saree, seriously, one of your best pics ! losing 17 kgs is a commendable achievement, congrats, all the best!

  3. Eesha says:

    Heyy gurlll… ur weight loss has been commendable… awesome you looked and look…
    On a side note, it should not bother you whether somebody cares for you or not… just do what u like and be happy about it.

  4. anuradha says:

    U look great! Those cheek bones are getting chiselled beautifully 🙂
    Don’t stop whatever it is you are doing. Nothing feels more amazing than being in control of yourself and your mind. Then there is the health aspect of course. And hey whats wrong with being the best you can be? Whatever that weight, makeup, skincare etc it be that puts you in the zone. Good luck

  5. Anam says:

    You are looking AWESOME!!! Congratulations – 17 kgs is not an easy task. One of your first posts after this has to be about how you achieved this. Am sure its going to be a great inspiration for a lot of us.. Am going to keep checking back and am hoping you will put it up soon.

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