A New Year Laundry for a NEW YOU !

5 tips to have the happiest 2017


After long hours of contemplation and evaluation if the year 2016 thrived to give us happiness–finally we are at 2017 now! And it’s first week already time that we bring about some optimistic changes to our lives.


Weather our destiny changes with the new year or not, we must use the changing year as an opportunity to alter the times of discontent and start of a period of increased creativity and so I’ve learned to accept that.

How do we create happiness on a regular basis, though? I believe that happiness is an inside job. I also believe that it’s pretty easy to make oneself happy.


So here’s my list of 5 Steps To bring Happiness In 2017–


There’s no sequence to them – you can choose to do any one and increase your happiness quotient.


  1. Go off Social media:


While the Internet is a great way to connect with others, it is also a way you can disconnect from your inner self. Shut it down for a day – turn off the internet off your smart phones– read a lot, go for a walk, take a day trip, cook a meal, but keep those devices turned off.


  1. Take a luxury bath:


Those scented soaps and essential oil bottles you’ve been storing up for special occasions– it’s new year –and it’s time you use them. Have a long warm bath – in the bathtub if you own one. Soak your feet in lukewarm water besides having a shower. Let the water heal and nurture you.


  1. Laugh till tears roll down your cheeks:


Talk to someone with a good sense of humor or someone who is funny–  or catch your favorite comedy. Talk about crazy stuff and have a hilarious time laughing your lungs out! Nothing better than laughter to a happy mood back.


  1. Stop doing chores:


Take a couple of days without having indulged in any household chores, such as doing the dishes or laundry. Free yourself! You could alternatively get your clothes washed or dry cleaned from a good laundry service who would pick up and drop off your clothes from door step.



  1. Dress up like a star:


Wear bright colors, put on your

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make up and accessorize– because hello, it’s New years! Looking good often makes you feel better.

Now is about the time that your spirits might be flagging. Create happiness for yourselves and have a good year ahead!


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