#Skincareaddict Series Introduction

Had a hearty laugh the other day when my bestie told me, how she use to feel about me when she knew me as a makeup blogger…. this is what she said , “ I use to think that you are an overly blessed lady sitting on her couch , ordering makeup on 72531545 sites and waiting for the parcel while drying your manicure” …  “its much much much later when we started talking and I came to know that no there are lot more efforts and pain you go through while ordering and getting stuff” … AAhhhh …. Trust me I was speechless for a moment but gladly now she understands and can relate to it.

But to my surprise , the scene is same again after few months  , when girls see my IG page and ask how do you buy XYZ stuff , it is hard for me to explain each and every question but nevertheless here I’m sharing my bits from now , on brands available in India and the products I like and dislike .

I do invest in good skincare and always stand by my words that “ Skincare is a must no matter what , it is equally important like having your 3 meals , you can diet but Darling , you need basic calories to stand on your toes and run around for yourself and your family “ .

best skincare products in india

I admit that when I was on makeup ban last year , I did purchased a lot of skincare but now since I have ample products I can easily evaluate where to spend, what is must and where you can bargain. Starting the #skincareaddict series this is just an introduction post, more to follow soon and would be focused more on brands easily available.

best skincare products india

If you count on tips the high end brands available in INDIA that offers skincare products are – Clarins, Clinique, Guerlain, La Prairie , Kiehl’s and Sisley. I saw Pure Earth Asia’s page but honestly little out of the box and big claims … I will see if I can try the brand myself , if you have tried do pour in suggestions . I haven’t listed “Forest Essentials , The Body shop , Iraya , Vichy  , LRP , Just herbs , Kama Ayurveda , Innisfree ”  etc in the high end list but they are nothing short of miracle …

Rest in next post; stay clean and hydrated till we chat next.

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