#Skincareaddict Series – IRAYA Cleansing Milk

Here is the first post of #skincareaddict series, a disclaimer first –

I mostly use good skincare products because I want good results out of what am using, since I don’t want to compromise on my skin, this is my thinking and I cannot force anyone for that, if you are happy with what you are using go ahead and use it, if you feel you need a change – try new products, if you feel my reviews are genuine and you buy and use something out of reviews I post, please share your thoughts – positive or negative, everything is welcome.  It takes a month or two to show results in terms of –  serums, eye cream or any treatment but not in cleansers or mist so I will share my reviews based on that. Also , I have a vast friend circle – bloggers group , personal , my classes , RR classes , Mom’s place and what not … if you see any example and you feel this conversation has happened between “US” .. You are mistaken darling, you are not alone, as I meet or interact with so many ladies with same point of view… so CHILLAX, I’m not here to target anyone, it’s just that LIFE teaches you so many lessons and am sharing that … As Simple as that!

The first step in daily routine is CLEANSER – I have heard this phrase 7613216323 times, “I don’t wash my face at all in the morning, it’s just a splash of water and am done” and you must have imagined what I go through after hearing this, either bang my head to wall or better bang XYZ person’s head … later is easy I feel. Why do people feel, washing the face is not necessary, it is equally important like washing your clothes or hands or whatever comes to your mind (YES , you are right ) , come-on, how can you even think of not cleaning the most important part of “YOU”??

Anyways , The cleanser am sharing today is not my old favourite for that wait for my second post , here is what am using these days and still have on my face while writing this post .

Brand – IRAYA (Purchased by me, the brand is still unaware of my blog)

Availability – Most of the Cosmetics stores across India and NYKAA.com (they are also unaware of my existence) Available HERE ( not Affiliate )

Price – 395 /- INR (I got it for 370/- since am buying from that shop regularly, there are discounts on Nykaa too on and off)

iraya cleansing milk (1)

IRAYA is not a new brand, been here since 2014 if am not mistaken and this is 2nd or 3rd Product I tried from them, don’t know what I tried earlier but I did if am not wrong.  I’m currently enjoying my yearly holidays in Jaipur and forgot to carry my favourite cleanser with me , I did packed “Acids , Serums , oil , eye creamsss but not my cleanser ( thankfully ) and that’s how I was looking for something gentle enough for my morning cleanse . CETAFIL was helpful for 1 – 2 days but I was itching to pick something from here and that’s how I came across this product – IRAYA Lotus Seed Cleansing Milk.

How do I use it – I take 2 – 3   pumps of it ( yeah , broad face issue ) apply it all over my face and neck , gently massage it and leave it on for 5 – 10 minutes , on pack it suggests leave for 3 minutes but I leave it for xyz minutes depending how much time I have in my hand . Take fresh water and wash it off, no cotton or cloth here, this is how I like to remove it and there I see a soft, clean and supple face. I might have mentioned this earlier but repeating again – I NEVER WIPE MY FACE, NEVER EVER EVER EVER…. I just take a dry towel and RUB my nose but leave the water on my face and you also try doing that – the water just evaporates/ sink  in few minutes … even if I wash my face 5 times a day , I never wipe it off .

Ease of use – It takes little effort but not something I would want to run away from .

best cleanser india
Inci – IF you are slowly getting into skincare try reading first 5 Inci and go through them they are most important due to high percentage in the product, it’s not a one day job or hobby but try getting it there slowly. Here are the ingredients in the cleanser –

  1. Aqua – Natural Spring water as they say… all cleansers have
  2. Sesame oil – The oil is what makes my skin soft
  3. Stearic Acid – this acts like a Surfactant… A cleansing agent , again present in all cleansers.
  4. Lotus Seed Extract – That could be the fragrance which I totally dislike
  5. Glyceryl monosterarate – or GMS in easy terms used here to give body and hence the thick texture of cleanser

iraya cleansing milk (2)

Since it is a cleanser and doesn’t stay on face for long , I would say you can compromise on it, I still prefer my OSKIA Renaissance Cleanser which you will read in my next post on cleanser, for a budget cleanser with good results this is a nice product and you can always give it a shot and if you do please share your experience here.

iraya cleansing milk (3)

Usage – I use it in the morning and in evening after taking off my eye makeup or lip makeup. It never dries my skin and I can feel the softness for hours even if am bare face (which am usually not).

Skin type – Will suit all skin types , its just a cleanser and wont stay too long on your face .

Climate best suitable – Pretty much every climate.

Will I repurchase – I would like to try their Honey version, it’s cheap and it works, what else do we need? You must try this as its non foaming cleanser which is a must for your morning cleanse .

The second product I use after this in next post, I would love to hear your thoughts… No questions/queries on FACEBOOK  would be entertained … thanks in advance for understanding; I want everyone to read queries here.

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