Facials – A quick fix or a myth

It is not always that I tend to teach someone when we have talks going around “SKINCARE”, but at times you really feel helpless and are short of words to explain how important it is to give FIRST priority to yourself (which includes inner peace , physical fitness , facial skin , finding happiness in small things to name a few )  trust me …. even I was one of those who use to think “GOOD SKIN means GOOD GENES “it was much later that I realized – Clock is ticking , BUT , it’s never too late.

On recent trip to my hometown we had a small meet up with old school friends and had a nice chat over skincare and created a group on what’s app and now when I see my friends absolutely in love with skincare I feel so good, someone taught me importance of skincare and if I could spread a little awareness amongst my close friends / loyal readers what better way to say thank you for what I am today.

Today’s Quick fix or a myth focus on FACIALS … I have lost the count on how many friends and relatives I have seen rushing to nearest salon for this quick fix and wonder why on earth do they “NEED” an instant pick me up solution at the eleventh hour, where all they can do is spend some 10 minutes daily and get that “GLOW” and that too DAILY. It’s not that I look like a 100 Watt bulb everyday but I do feel apart from few adult acne I feel my skin looks even toned with help of that little time I spend at the comfort of my home and that’s it , no need for last minute rush .

When I’m talking about “FACIALS”, it is in reference to what we get in INDIA and not some specialised ones available across the globe, no comments on that as I don’t have any personal experience or say CHANCE to try that.

I was once having a discussion with a friend and student about facials and gladly I could manage to convince her the “POWER OF SKINCARE”, with facials what you see is just a quick blood circulation that imparts a glow for a day or two and the harsh scrub they use on your face which tear off the dead skin ACCORDING TO THEM whereas they actually takes off the natural oil present in your skin. Once your eyes are closed what they apply on your skin , who knows ? All that crap of Gold or Diamond facial is utter crap and not something a wise person should believe.

The skin looks moisturized and plumped up due to massage they do which increases blood flow, the scrubbing which is very harmful takes off the dead skin cell build up superficially and the last step – face pack seals the moisture for a day or two, as simple as that.  There is no science behind that clean up, it’s just for a day or two or may be not even that if you believe me.

If am in rush I would ONLY and ONLY reach to 2 things , not that I say they are MUST HAVE , when in rush trust these – REN Flash 1 minute facial and CLINIQUE turnaround instant facila mask , more on that when I review them .


This post is not a personal remark on anyone, been there done that … even I use to go for clean ups but since past 8 years I never allowed anyone to touch my face apart from threading.

The skincare addict series is loosely based on few steps to achieve the clean canvas in long run rather a short quick fix , I may have not been too regular here but trust me , there are lot of things to share , so stay tuned for my next post .

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  1. Rachana says:

    Agree with the facial effect not lasting more than 3 days.. Would luv to try d clinique instafacial mask recommended.

  2. Parita says:

    The facials we get in India are unfortunately a joke! I have never been fan of them as the products they more damaging to the skin than benefiting…plus if you have a good established skincare routine with propee cleansing, chemical exfoliation, serum abd moisturizer you really don’t need any facials. Rather you can do one at home with better results!

  3. Kiran says:

    Great blog and very useful info here. I have never been so fond of facials. Now after reading your post, I think I was doing the right thing. Thanks for sharing your tips. Keep writing.

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