My Saree Journey in Dec 2017

My new found love for Sarees is not a NEWS if you follow me on instagram… well, if you aren’t already here is my IG handle – indyabeauty (  MY IG HANDLE ) … I post quite regularly there and thought of doing up a round up on blog and also may be slowly jump into Saree posts if I get enough courage to share my pics here, not that I’m scared of anything .

Anyways, it’s already the last week of December and I’m proud to say that I have worn saree 5 times already which is not bad considering this is new found love but one thing is there, I never find a reason to drape it and that shows how much I love draping 6 yards of magic.

To start off with, a disclaimer – these are all Cell phone pictures and now when I’m seeing them on laptop, it feels so disgusting to see how blur they look, I will make sure to use my camera as “My Pictures” are one thing I feel so good about and these are nowhere close to what I have posted in past.

I started this month by draping my SIL’s Sari on her birthday – 5/12, she is no more with us but I’m sure she must be admiring my new found love and showering all her blessings. I recently got hold of her saris and will drape them on special occasions and this is one of them. Draped a pure Silk Valkalam sari in bright shade of Pink with Resham weaving on Pallo and Border, paired it with an off white and golden blouse.



This one is very special to me as it’s a gift from my bestie – Jigisha, she was thinking of CHANEL lip product but I insisted on sari as I was on so called “BAN”, we both picked this beautiful sari from “NALLI’s” store in Mumbai, it is pure cotton silk sari in base colour of off white with vibrant “Orange, Peach, Pink and Golden” Checks on Pallo, Pleats and also Blouse, paired it with Handloom Silk blouse with Khun Sleeves.



I’m a member of Sari Group and the theme for this month was to replicate a look of your favourite Bollywood Star and I choose my Favourite- KKK/Poo/Bebo. Draped a pure georgette Royal Blue Sari with golden and silver border, paired it with mirror work blouse same as hers.




The one here is my first purchase from Exhibition – Dastkari Haat ( held in Pune from 4 – 12 Nov2018) , This is pure linen jamdani in 80 – 100 thread count in shades of Vibrant Purple and Pink , teamed it with Cotton Handloom Blouse with Puff sleeves which added the glam .




And last but not the least for today’s post – A pure chiffon sari in shade of Purple which is approximately 20 years old from my mom’s wardrobe , paired it with this gorgeous Floral print blouse with bell sleeves giving it a very retro feel , the fabric is pure cotton silk and am certainly buying this material more and more .



I hope you appreciate the efforts , I will make sure to use DSLR from now on so that there is clarity in pictures .

Do share your feedback .

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