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best hair salon in bangalore

I wanted to do this post for quite a long time but as recently I felt that I shouldn’t waste a time and share with you this happiness I found while leaving Bangalore – Chrysolite Salon. I was in need of a good hair cut that time and was planning for B Blunt only but a quick search online and I saw so many positive reviews for this one.  Initially, I was not very happy with my hair cut and felt they were too short but gradually I started liking and now am in love after almost 7 months.

Picture taken on 14th DEC 2013
Picture taken on 14th DEC 2013

Long story short, if you are in Bangalore and are looking for new place for hair cut then do give this a shot and also if you have a length to experiment then definitely you must visit this place. Just before my hair cut there was this beautiful girl having her styling done and she had all the praises for TRACY and once she finished off with her, I was sunned to see how stunning her hair cut was looking – full of bounce and nice loose curls.

Talking about TRACY ; she is the most soft spoken person I have come across , listens to you nicely and ask your previous experiences and what type of hair cut you are looking for , she even gave me tip how to curl my hair and that is what you see in my pictures on and off .

best hair salon bangalore

best hair salon in bangalore city

ADDRESS : 316/B, Bnk Complex, 3rd Cross, Narayana Pillai Street, 3rd Cross, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001
080 2559 2957


The salon is located in narrow lanes of Commercial Street and you need to book an appointment as she is one busy soul.


Sounds cheesy but am truly happy and feel blessed these days, my hair are in good condition and am enjoying this rainy season thoroughly. I find happiness in small things and that is why the title of the post and yeah this comes from my hubby who is very much grounded and always tries to improve me – you don’t need big things to be happy !

Do share if you have any other place to recommend in Bangalore or in Pune I would say. 

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  1. noopur says:

    hey rashmi… i have been following ur blog since da time u started it. i have been an on an off silent reader mostly except for either complimenting you or asking questions :p ( i do have one today too… i recently have moved to pune from bangalore. wanted to know where can i get nars prducts here in india. basically the sheerglow fundation) n since u r da makeup guru… who better t ask. please reply 🙂 love

    • rashmi says:

      Hey noopur 🙂 i know you very well dear pls dont hesitate , even if you comment or not am sure all your good wishes are with me 😀 😀
      welcome to Pune , am sure you are not missing bangalore , the climate is awesome here these days 🙂
      if you travel to Mumbai then you can get it in – “beautiful shop KHAR 17 th road “, else you can keep a watch on strawberrynet if you know your shade
      but in PUNE we have to pay customs so make sure to pay by CREDIT CARD so that you can redeem them 😀
      they just have two shades for now :


      too dark i guess , but there is 10 percent off if you want to buy any other stuff 😀

      • noopur says:

        thanks a tonn rashmi dii <3 <3 love u loadsss.. i knew nobody could have had answered it… we shud catch up sometym. nw dat both of us are here in pune 🙂 where in pune are yu located ?

  2. noopur says:

    also please tell me since i am goin to be making my first international purchase.. i wanted to buy few of the sigma brushes. hw du i do it..?? credit card ? dat i can.. but i hear apart from the shipping.. we du have to pay huge custom charges for it ? is it true ? you said dat we can redeem customs. please elaborate a little 🙂 and yes.. da climate is awesommme dese dayz here. 🙂 lovely weather.. was missing bangalore mostly because of the weather 😛 but no regrets now 🙂

  3. Madhu says:

    nice post.. really helpful. Found it through looking for good salons in Bangalore, as I am bored with my local one. Planning to go there for a haircut soon 🙂

  4. Jeanne says:

    Hii I was wondering if you could recommend a good hair colorist. And I was wondering if tracy is recommended for hair colouring?

  5. Somya says:

    Hey Rashmi,

    Thanks for the information through your blog. I called Chrysolite but Tracey is not in town, they insisted to get a haircut done by Bindu as she is equally good.

    Is that true? should I go ahead? or wait for Tracey till August end?

  6. Geeta says:

    I called Chrysolite after reading your review ,was informed that Tracy is not there and that they don’t know when she will be back.Mostly next year . They told me that she is not there from 3 years. Why should this parlour still top the list based on past glory.

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